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Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

WIOA Manual

Documents are available in Adobe PDF format unless otherwise noted. For fillable forms, you must download to your computer/mobile device and open in an Adobe Reader program prior to filling out. If you open in a browser, anything you enter will not be saved.


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WIOA Manual by Section

Section 1 Welcome to WIOA 

1.1 Welcome to WIOA

Section 2 Organizational Structure 

2.1 Workforce Development Council
2.2 Competitive procurement of youth service providers
2.3 Standing youth committee 
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Section 3 One-Stop System

3.2 One-Stop System
3.3 One-Stop Career Center Certification
3.4 South Dakota One-Stop Organizations
3.5 Social Security Numbers
3.6 Labor Exchange
3.7 Agency Integrated Resources Teams (IRT)
3.8 Human Trafficking
3.10 Transfer of Adult and Dislocated Worker (DW) funds
3.14 Integrated Service Delivery – Job Seekers
3.15 Personally Identifiable Information
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Section 4 Eligibility

4.1 Eligibility and Priority of Service for Wagner-Peyser, Adult, and Dislocated Worker
4.3 Youth Eligibility
4.4 Additional Assistance
4.5 Youth Priority
4.6 Selective Service
4.7 Family Size and Income Guidelines
4.8 Basic Skills Deficient
4.9 Assessment
4.10 Eligible Training Providers
4.11 Employment Plan
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Section 5 Services

5.1 Active Resource Coordination and Integrated Resource Teams
5.2 Case Management
5.3 Case Notes
5.4 Career Services
5.5 Intake and Orientation
5.6 Resource Rooms
5.7 Youth Service Elements
5.8 Training Services
5.10 Business Services
5.12 Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN)
5.13 Rapid Response
5.14 Adult Mentoring
5.15 Adult Education Literacy (AEL) or English as a Second Language (ESL) in Conjunction with Training
5.16 Youth Secondary School Services
5.17 Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling
5.18 Customized Training
5.19 Education Concurrent with Workforce Training
5.20 National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)
5.21 Entrepreneurial Training
5.22 Financial Literacy
5.23 Follow-up Services
5.24 Job Shadow
5.25 Leadership Development
5.26 Prerequisite Training
5.27 Occupational Skills Training
5.28 On-the-Job Training
5.29 Post-Secondary Transition and Preparation
5.30 Pre-apprenticeship
5.31 Provision of Labor Market Information
5.33 Remedial Training
5.34 Support Services
5.36 Work Experience
5.37 Youth Incentive
5.40 Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)
5.41 COVID-19 Dislocated Worker Grant
5.42 UpSkill
5.51 Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs)
5.60 Re-employment Services (RES)
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Section 6 Performance

6.2 Exit
6.3 Performance Indicators
6.4 Credentials and Measureable Skills Gains
6.5 Non-Traditional Occupations
6.6 Customer Satisfaction Surveys
6.7 Oversight and Monitoring
6.8 Job Service Performance
6.9 Discrimination
6.16 Subrecipient Management
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Section 8 SDWORKS

8.1 SDWORKS Privacy Policy
8.3 SDWORKS Employer Verification
8.5 Job Orders
8.6 Job Order Suppressed Information
8.8 Job Orders: Foreign Labor Certification (FLC)
8.9 Job Orders: Job Development Contact (JDC)
8.11 Job Order Review and Refusal
8.12 Job Order Discrimination
8.13 Job Order Fraud
8.20 Document Management
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Section 9 Acronyms and Definitions

9.1 Acronyms
9.2 Definitions
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Section 10 Forms

Follow these instructions to sign and submit forms from a mobile device. For fillable forms, you must download to your computer/mobile device and open in an Adobe Reader program prior to filling out. If you open in a browser, anything you enter will not be saved.
1 Release of Information 
2 Equal Opportunity
3 One-Stop Services
  3.2 (Part 2 Only) One-Stop Program Services List
1 - 3 *Wagner-Peyser Intake Packet (Forms 1, 2, and 3.1 above)
4 Title I Virtual Enrollment Request (Internal Only)
5 Agreement for Youth Services
6 Self-Attestation
7 Occupational Skills Training (OST) Request
9 Employment Plan (.docx)
10 10A - Conditions and Assurances Signature Page
  10B - Conditions and Assurances
11A WorkKeys Assessment Request (internal)
11B WorkKeys Assessment - Self Paid
12 NCRC Recognition
13 Time Sheet Journal
14 GED Voucher Request (Internal Only)
15 15A - Minor Release and Consent for Medical Treatment (Under 18) - BOA
  15B - Release and Consent for Medical Treatment (18 and over) - BOA
16 Job Shadow Timecard
17 First Report of Injury
18 Work Experience or CSA Timecard
19 19 - Work-Based Learning Training Plan Agreement and Monitors (Blank)
19 - Pre-filled Work-Based Learning Training Plan Agreement and Monitors
20 On-the-Job Training (OJT) Timecard
21 21A - OST Cost Estimate
21B - OST Participant Responsibilities
22 Occupational Skills Training (OST) Monitor
23 Occupational Skills Training (OST) Billing Statement
24 Support Service Authorization for Purchase (INTERNAL ONLY)
26 26A - Youth Incentive Measurable Skills Gain - Alternative Secondary School
  26B - Youth Incentive Measurable Skills Gain - Educational Achievement
  26C - Youth Incentive Measurable Skills Gain - Occupational Skills Training
  26D - Youth Incentive Measurable Skills Gain - On-the-Job or Occupational Skills Training
27 27A - Youth Incentive - Career Exploration Incentive Agreement
  27B - Youth Incentive - My Next Move Research/ Labor Market Information (view the Step-by-step Tutorial PDF)
28 Youth Incentive Financial Literacy
29 29A - Youth Incentive Credential - High School Diploma
  29B - Youth Incentive Credential - High School Equivalency
  29C - Youth Incentive Credential - Post-secondary Credential
30 Youth Incentive Job Search Assistance Program (JSAP)
31 Youth Incentive Master Application and Resume
32 Youth Incentive Mock Interview
33 Youth Incentive National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)
34 Youth Incentive Volunteer
35 Youth Incentive Speaking Engagement - South Dakota Youth Employment Services (SDYES)
36 Youth Incentive Bring Your 'A' Game
39 TAA OST Cost Estimate (39A) and TAA Training Responsibilities (39B)
40 TAA Entitlement Determination
41 TAA Individual Application for Re-Employment (RTAA-1)
42 TAA Continuing Application for Re-Employment (RTAA-2) (Microsoft Word format)
43 TAA Request for Relocation Allowance
44 TAA Request for Job Search Allowance
45 TAA Request for Training
46 Trade Readjustment Assistance (TRA) Progress Report
47 TAA Request for Waiver Request
48 TAA Required Training Supplies, Books, Fees
49 TAA Transportation and Subsistence
50 Training Application for Businesses (Include Form 2.)
51 Registered Apprenticeship Program On-the-job Learning Agreement
53 Registered Apprenticeship Program Progress Report
55 Registered Apprenticeship Provider
57 Employer Felon Re-Entry Support Recognition
58 SDWORKS Employer Verification Checklist
59 SDWORKS Employer Account Agreement
60 RES Eligibility
61 Re-employment Services (RES) Claimant Exemption
62 RES Responsibilities
63 RES Follow-up
64 RES Labor Market Information (view the Step-by-step Tutorial PDF)
66 Job Search Tracking Sheet
70 Provider Payment Authorization
71 Participant Payment Consent
80 SCSEP Application
81 SCSEP Third Party Attestation of Family Size
82 SCSEP Self Attestation
80-82 *SCSEP Packet (Forms 80, 81, and 82 above)
83 SCSEP Eligibility Determination
84 SCSEP Orientation Verification
85 SCSEP Training Site Safety Checklist
86 SCSEP Physical Exam Waiver
88 SCSEP Community Service Assignment Agreement Modification
89 SCSEP Individual Durational Limit (IDL) Waiver
90 SCSEP Leave Without Pay
91 SCSEP Host Agency Application
92 SCSEP Host Agency Agreement
93 SCSEP Host Agency Supervisor Contribution
94 SCSEP Exit
95 SCSEP Unsubsidized Employment
96 SCSEP Follow-up
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Section 11 Resources

1 Services Chart
2 Title I Eligibility Desk Guide (Includes Low Income Guidelines)
3 Business Tours
4 Financial Assessment
5 Questions for Job Shadow or Informational Interview
6 On-the-Job Training (OJT) Letter
7 Business Job Shadow Handbook
8 Participant Job Shadow Handbook
9 Follow Up Letter
10 Prior to Exit Letter
11 OST Award Letter
12 RES Directed Referral Letter
13 Assessment Guide
14 Adult Mentoring in South Dakota
15 Eligible Training Provider List
16 Career Pathways Toolkit
17 Educational Functioning Level Chart
18 U.S. Workforce Agencies
19 Objective Assessment Desk Guide
20 Required Documentation
21 Family Income Worksheet
22 Budget Worksheet
25 Approved Apprenticeable Occupations (U.S. DOL)
26 SDWORKS Employer Job Order Details (Internal Only)