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SD UpSkill | Level up your career. Level up your life.

Get Money Toward a Credential with SD UpSkill.

Earning a credential can help you make big changes in your career and big plans in your life. That is why SD UpSkill is here – to help shoulder the cost of a credential for our state’s most in-demand industries. Get a new credential that opens doors – all for little or no cost.


Why Earn a Credential?

Earning a credential can add credibility and skills to your resume, helping you land a new job or promotion. Credentials may be offered online, in person or through hybrid formats. Higher education is directly linked to decreased unemployment and increased earnings.


How it Works

For those eligible, SD UpSkill can help you earn a certificate degree for little or no cost. Contact your Job Service office for information on how to get started or begin the process to request services online.

SD UpSkill is made possible through the Department of Labor and Regulation. That means in addition to help with school, you’ll also get connected with training, tools and more to make your big move a success.


Programs Offered

Our Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) is a collection of statewide education and training programs that align with state and regional in-demand occupations. Our employment specialists can help you navigate the list in SDWORKS and determine the training that best suits your career objectives. 

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Getting Started

Upping your game with SD UpSkill is easy.

  • Contact your Job Service office for information on how to get started or begin the process to request services online.
  • Once we contact you, you’ll complete UpSkill orientation to get tools, training and career coaching.

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