Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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South Dakota Board of Technical Professions

Forms & Applications

For applications and forms related to a specific technical profession, please see the "Forms and Application" section of the web page devoted to that particular profession:



Landscape Architects

Land Surveyors

Petroleum Release Services


Business Application

Business Reinstatement Application*

Reactivate License from Inactive Status

Reinstate Expired License

Renewals - Please see our License Renewal web page for applications and forms needed for the renewal process.

Miscellaneous Forms

(available in Adobe PDF format)

Business Certificate of Authorization* - Please see our Business Licenses web page

Change of Address form

Comity Reference form

Credit Card Authorization form

State License Verification form

Other Documents

Certified Land Corner Record - Please see our Land Surveyors web page.

Cross Index Plat - Please see our Land Surveyors web page.

*Any business entity which offers and provides professional services located in South Dakota should also contact the Secretary of State office to inquire if a certificate of authorization is required through that office as well.

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