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South Dakota e-Labor Bulletin

May 2019


The Occupational Inverse: Surprises in the Mix of Industries and Occupations

While most occupations have typical industries where occupations are employed, some occupations hold surprises - industries which seem, at first thought, out of the norm. Take a look at this month's Labor Bulletin article to learn more about some of the surprising types of workplaces.

Overview of South Dakota Labor Market

See an overview of the April labor market in South Dakota, including the estimated labor supply, labor force and nonfarm worker data.

Snapshot of South Dakota's Economy

Get a quick synopsis, or snapshot, of the most current data available for numerous closely watched economic indicators.

Latest Data Releases

View and print tables of the most current data available, including labor force, nonfarm wage and salaried worker levels by industry, annualized pay, activity levels of the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation and more.

Additional data being published on current workforce dynamics

Beginning with this May issue, the South Dakota e-Labor Bulletin table on DLR’s activities will feature greater detail. The table will now include a current indicator of worker supply/demand using data on job openings advertised online and job candidates seeking work. The table now also includes a number of other data points on DLR services to individuals (such as job referrals) and businesses (such as workforce recruitment assistance). We hope these new data sets provide decision-makers with helpful additional indicators of labor market dynamics.

Printable Labor Bulletin

Print this month's issue of the South Dakota e-Labor Bulletin (Adobe PDF format). Print a past issue from an archive.

New occupational wage data available

Occupational wage estimates for 2018 were published in the virtual labor market data system May 23. To find wages estimates for occupations of interest, use the menu on our website. If you would like assistance or have questions, please contact us at 605.626.2314. The wage estimates are based on South Dakota employer responses to the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This valuable data would not be possible without the cooperation of employers who participate in the survey on a voluntary basis. We extend our sincere appreciation to participating South Dakota employers.

South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation Services

The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation provides services for businesses to help them maintain a skilled workforce and handle various labor issues and services for individuals to help them identify opportunities and prepare for and maintain productive employment. DLR has professional staff in 16 job service offices throughout the state ready to serve your needs. Find the nearest job service office.

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Release Dates

Find out when the next data release from LMIC will be.

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