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Labor Market Information Center

Hot Careers (High Demand-High Wage Occupations)

To help individual career planners and job seekers identify occupations with the most favorable job outlook from a labor market perspective, the Labor Market Information Center identifies high demand-high wage occupations, or "Hot Careers."

Learn how Hot Careers are determined.

Hot Careers Resources

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Employment Projections and Current Wage Estimates of the Hot Careers

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Occupational Profiles

How Hot Careers Are Determined

To be on the Hot Careers list, an occupation must 1) be projected to show employment growth, 2) be among the 30 occupations with the highest projected demand for workers (2016-2026) and 3) have an average wage above the median wage across all occupations ($32,338) using 2017 wage data.

For more information on average annual demand, visit our Employment Projections Technical Notes page. For more information on wage estimates, visit our Occupational Wages Technical Notes page.