Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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South Dakota Cosmetology Commission

The mission of the South Dakota Cosmetology Commission is to ensure the health and safety of our citizens as they use cosmetology, esthetics and nail technology services.

Important Notice

License Renewals: 10-15 business days

Reciprocity Applications: 15-20 business days (once all required documentation is received)

New Booth/Salon Applications: 10-15 business days.

Applications for Examination:
10-15 business days (once all required documentation is received)

Certifications of Licensure: 15-20 business days

Name Change Requests: 5-10 business days

Eyelash Extension, Microdermabrasion, Electric Filing Certifications: 10-15 business days

Holiday Closures

See our Holiday Closure page for upcoming state office holiday closures.

Online Licensee Services

Before logging on to renew your license using our new online system, please visit our License Renewal page for important information to remember.


Licensees, log in to:

  • Renew your licenses
  • Apply for a salon or booth license
  • Request a license certification

Notice: COVID-19 Updates

Wednesday, June 29, 2021:

Infection Control. The following information is taken from the Barbicide website. Please remember the Cosmetology Commission does not endorse products; there are many good disinfecting products available. As with all disinfectants make sure to follow all manufactures instructions. Keeping yourself and your clients safe should be a top priority every day in the salon. That said, when there are new pathogenic threats, it should remind us of the importance of adherence to proper infection control guidelines.

  • Practice proper infection control. Cleaning & disinfection, as directed by the South Dakota Cosmetology Administrative Rule 20:42:05:01. This rule requires proper disinfection of every non-porous implement prior to use. In addition, disinfection of common use surfaces such as back bars, reception areas, computers, phones, doorknobs, or other surfaces that come in contact with you or your clients should be considered.
  • Remember contact time. The most important step of the disinfection process is to allow the chemical time to work! Read all disinfectant labels to know the correct time frame.
  • Hand Hygiene. Wash hands with soap and water for 30 seconds prior to every client, after eating, smoking or using the restroom. Where allowed by state law/rules, hand sanitizer is also acceptable, except after eating, smoking or using the restroom.
  • Keep your hands to yourself. Handshaking needs to be replaced with other methods of introduction. While hand shaking is seen as a polite gesture, during cold and flu season and with the COVID-19 pandemic it is a super-highway for viruses to move quickly in groups.

Cosmetology Commission Mission

The Commission ensures the health and safety of citizens by:

  • examining and licensing qualified practitioners
  • conducting inspections of cosmetology, esthetics and nail salons, booths and schools
  • enforcing statutes, rules and regulations governing the practice of cosmetology, esthetics and nail technology, including consumer complaints
  • resolving complaints
  • overseeing the educational process of cosmetology schools and licensees

We regulate the following activities when done for any fee or compensation:

  • hair care (styling, wrapping, arranging, braiding, twisting, weaving, extending, fusing, dressing, curling, waving, permanent waving, singeing, cleansing, shampooing, cutting, bleaching, setting, coloring, straightening, relaxing, fitting, massaging, or similar work upon the hair, scalp, wigs or hairpieces of a person)
  • skin care or esthetics (beautifying, massaging, cleansing, exfoliating, stimulating, applying oils, creams, cosmetic preparations, make-up, facial treatments, body treatments, body wraps, antiseptics, scrubs, clays, lotions, masks, waxes or other preparations for the noninvasive care of the skin)
  • nail care (cutting, filing, trimming, shaping, polishing, coloring, removing polish, tinting, air-brushing, decorating, cleansing or otherwise beautifying a person's fingernails or toenails; applying and removing artificial nails; or massaging, cleansing and exfoliating a person's hands, arms, feet and legs)
  • removal of superfluous hair by nonpermanent means
  • education, equipment and safety and sanitation in salons, booths and schools

In no case may the above procedures be invasive or medical treatment.

More details may be found in the Scope of Practice

The Cosmetology Commission does not regulate:

Contact Us

Executive Director: Tyler Evins
Senior Secretary: Miranda Wilson
Education & Licensing Coordinator: Lynda Fratzke

Address: 217 W. Missouri Ave., Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605.773.6193
FAX: 605.773.7175