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Cabinet Secretary

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Workers' Compensation

There is no law in South Dakota requiring any employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance. However, it is highly recommended. An uninsured employer may be sued in civil court by an injured worker.

The South Dakota Workers’ Compensation program for those employers who choose to have coverage is an insurance program that pays medical and disability benefits for work-related injuries and diseases.

First Report of Injury

You may file your First Report of Injury (Form 101), your Monthly Payment Reports (Form 107) and a Request for Extension of Time online using the First Report of Injury Management System.


Filing Online using the First Report of Injury Management System

(for insurance companies only)

Important! New Login Process Implemented

A new login process has been implemented. View South Dakota Workers' Compensation Login Instructions before logging in.
Workers' Compensation Online Application

If you have questions, please call the Division of Labor & Management at 605.773.3681.

Current Process

If you are doing simple online data entry, all you need is a user id and a password. These can be obtained by emailing or calling the Division of Labor and Management at 605.773.3681.

If you want to do a bulk file transfer of these forms, you will need a user id, a password and initial transfer testing. Email or call the Division of Labor and Management at 605.773.3681 to arrange for testing.

Instructions for using the online system are in the Claim Administrators documentation (Adobe PDF format).

First Report of Injury Management System

Fillable Adobe PDF First Report of Injury Form

(for employees and employers only)

Another option for completing the First Report of Injury (Form 101) is to complete a fillable Adobe PDF file on the computer, then print and mail it to us, following the instructions on page 2 of the form.

First Report of Injury - fillable Adobe PDF format

Fee Schedule

Administrative Rules
Chapter 47:03:05
Medical Fee Schedules
Section Description
47:03:05:01 Definitions.
47:03:05:02 Incorporation of Relative Values for Physicians.
47:03:05:02.01 Incorporation of Relative Values for Dentists.
47:03:05:03 & 47:03:05:04 Repealed.
47:03:05:05 Reimbursement criteria.
47:03:05:06 Dispute resolution.
47:03:05:07 Mediation.
47:03:05:08 Repealed.
47:03:05:09 Reimbursement for copies.
47:03:05:10 Repealed.
47:03:05:10.01 Reimbursement for anesthesia services
47:03:05:11 Repealed.
47:03:05:12 Reimbursement for other medical services.
47:03:05:13 Reimbursement for dental services.
47:03:05:14 Reimbursement for drugs.
Appendix A Physician Fee Schedule, repealed, 38 SDR 105, effective Dec. 12, 2011.
Appendix B Facilities Subject to 20% Reduction.
Appendix C Supplemental Anesthesia Schedule, repealed, 38 SDR 105, effective Dec.12, 2011.


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