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Labor Market Information Center

Occupational Wages

Occupational wage data is available for the following areas:

Statewide | East Area | West Area | Rapid City MSA | Sioux Falls MSA | Sioux City MSA (cross-state MSA)

File Downloads of 2020 Data

Download a file of 2020 wage data for all occupations at the most detailed level, available in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel format, by choosing the appropriate link below.

Area Adobe PDF Microsoft Excel
Statewide South Dakota PDF Excel
East Area PDF Excel
West Area PDF Excel
Rapid City MSA PDF Excel
Sioux City MSA PDF Excel
Sioux Falls MSA PDF Excel

If you would like to receive one single file with the data for all areas combined, please contact us.

The PDF and Excel files above contain data for the most detailed occupational level possible. If you would like data for broader occupational groups, please contact us.

Retrievable Data

Get 2020 occupational wage data from the virtual LMI data system. (Chrome or Edge browser recommended; functionality in the virtual system is not compatible with Internet Explorer.) If you need additional assistance or would like us to provide the data you need, please contact us.

See step by step instructions for finding occupational wage data.

Resources and References

See a list of counties in each area.

Occupational Descriptions

In alphabetical order

In Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) order

Technical Notes

Wages for Other Areas

(links to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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