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South Dakota Electrical Commission

License Applications and Other Forms

Applications and other forms listed below are in Adobe PDF format unless otherwise noted.

At this time the South Dakota Electrical Commission plans to move forward with renewal the same as any other renewal cycle. Licensees are required to attain 16 hours of continuing education (a minimum of 8 code hours) due by the time you send in your renewal or by June 30 whichever is sooner. Please note the Commission is allowing all continuing education hours to be gained online for the 2020 renewal. Licensees are required to remit the certificate of completion to the Commission office once an online class has been completed. Please also note some local providers are preparing webinars, so check local before you go national.

For questions on license renewal, please email.


Examinations are currently on the 2020 NEC

Renewal Forms - 2022

Please read all renewal information prior to filling out your renewal form.

The Commission is requesting licensees access the website for renewal forms as the Commission will not mail renewal forms unless special arrangements are made. There are two renewal form options:

  • Fill out the form online. Print, sign/date, and mail or fax.
  • Print the form. Print information legibly, sign and date, and mail with check or money order. If paying by credit card, mail or remit via fax. Emails will not be accepted.         
    Note: Please do not remit your application in multiple forms. For example do not mail in if you have already remitted via fax.

  • Please renew your license soon if you have not already done so. Please also tell your fellow licensees to do the same.
  • Licensees will have the option to pay with a credit/debit card, check or money order. Note: Do not send cash through the mail.
  • Renewal applications utilizing credit card information may be mailed (South Dakota Electrical Commission, 217 W Missouri Ave., Pierre SD 57501) or faxed (605-773-6213).
  • Renewal application utilizing money order or checks are required to be remitted with the application and to be mailed (South Dakota Electrical Commission, 217 W Missouri Ave., Pierre SD 57501)
  • Check box for each license to be renewed. Write license number on corresponding line.
  • Licensee is required to satisfy continuing education requirements. Failure to do so will result in denial of renewal. (All continuing education may be gained online for the 2022 renewal.)
  • Licensees required to pay child support arrearages prior to submission of renewal form.

Licensees are required to remit their renewal form by 6/30/2022. Applications received/postmarked later than 6/30/2022 may be assessed a $50 reinstatement fee per 20:44:16:18. Please also note licensees are not permitted to conduct electrical installations with an expired license. Therefore, please complete the renewal process by 6/30/22.

Licenses will be sent to licensees via email. The Commission recommends taking a screen shot of your license on your personal device to allow for easy verification of license in the future. You may also carry a printed copy in your wallet if you wish. The licenses will be sent from (Special arrangements can be made for those lacking the ability to access an email. This may cause a delay in the processing of your renewal.) Applicants utilizing email for delivery should receive their license in approximately two to three weeks.


Continuing Education: Please note the Commission is no longer keeping track of your continuing education hours. Licensees are required to retain their copies of certificates of completion. The licensee will check the box on the renewal form stating they have attained the required continuing education to renew. Any licensee may be selected for an audit in the future. Failure to provide the appropriate documentation during the audit may result in disciplinary action. (Disciplinary action includes a fine; suspension, revocation, refusal to issue a license; or limit the scope of practice.) Starting with the biannual ending 6/30/2022 the commission will request the certificates be submitted when a licensee applies for the next level of licensure(you are not required to submit with renewal form). So, keep your certificates ladies and gentlemen. Documentation prior to the 6/30/2022 biannual will be kept on file at the Commission (classes remitted to the commission and taken prior to 6/30/2020). A licensee will be required to submit three (3) renewal cycles of continuing education for an audit and all the continuing education earned during their supervised experience utilized when applying for the next level of licensure. Please do not contact the Commission inquiring on how many education hours you have or how to submit certificates.

Other Forms for Licensees

At this time applicants are unable to submit applications online. Applications must be printed using the link below and submitted by mail. Please contact us for electronic payment procedures to expedite your application processing.

Electrical Inspector, Electrical Contractor, Journeyman and Class B Electrician Application which can be printed, then completed and mailed in.

Apprentice Electrician Application

Electrical Contractor and Class B Electricians' Bond Application

Verification Form - This form is to be used only to verify your work experience hours. This is not to be used in conjunction with applying for licensure.

Verification Form (Adobe PDF format)

Verification Form (Microsoft Word format)

Maintenance License

Maintenance Electrician Application

Maintenance Electrician Renewal

Continuing Education Provider Form

If you are interested in presenting a continuing education course, use the Instructor and Course Application.

Homeowner Wiring Permit

Homeowner Wiring Permit Application (Please see our Homeowner Wiring page for more information.)

Machinery Designation

Machinery Policy

Machinery Designation Application

Submitting Payments for Applications

Applications utilizing money order or checks are required to be remitted with the application and mailed to:

South Dakota Electrical Commission
217 W. Missouri Ave.
Pierre SD 57501

Applications must be mailed or faxed. Applications submitted via email will be discarded and not processed.