Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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Reemployment Assistance

Reemployment Assistance (RA) provides temporary financial assistance for people who have lost their job until they find other employment. South Dakota's reemployment assistance program is financed by employers through payroll taxes; workers do not contribute to this plan.

Reemployment Assistance for Individuals

Reemployment Assistance for Businesses



South Dakota Unemployment Benefit Identity Theft

Individuals and employers who suspect an unemployment benefits claim may have been filed using a stolen identity, see our Unemployment Benefit Identity Theft page for actions to take.

Report No Shows, Refusal of Suitable Work or Interviews or Refusal to Return to Work After Layoff

Please visit our Refusal to Work page to report:

  • Individuals who refuse to interview or to accept a suitable job offer, do not show up for work, etc.
  • Employees who have been placed on temporary layoff but refuse to return to work or quit without good cause.

Contact Us

Reemployment Assistance Division
South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation
P.O. Box 4730
Aberdeen, SD 57402-4730
Phone: If you do not know which section listed above you need to speak with, please call 605.626.2452 for assistance.
Fax: 605.626.3172