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Eligible Training Providers & Programs

Eligible Training Providers and Programs

The Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) is a collection of statewide education and training programs that align with state and regional in-demand occupations and industry sectors. Individuals eligible to receive tuition assistance through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) can participate in ETPL programs that increase their knowledge, skills and abilities in the workplace. Most importantly, the ETPL empowers individuals to select the training that best suits their career objectives, with the potential for DLR to pay for tuition.


Getting Started: ETPL for Individuals

Approved programs have been reviewed to align with high-wage and high-demand jobs upon completion of the training for eligible individuals. Our employment specialists can help you navigate the list in SDWORKS and determine the training that best suits your career objectives. Please contact your Job Service office for information on how to get started or begin the process to request services online.

To view the list:

Click to open SDWORKS Education Services page and then choose ETPL Approved Programs from the options listed (see image below):


Image of Education Services screen. Item circled is where to click to view ETPL Approved Programs.

(Alternatively, you may access the Education Service Options listing by going to the SDWORKS homepage and selecting ETPL Approved Programs from the Services for Individuals menu.)


Frequently Asked Questions for Providers

Where do I find the approved training programs?
See guidance under List of Approved Programs section above.

Why become an eligible training provider (ETP)?
The growing list of education and training providers:

  • May receive funding to train WIOA eligible individuals.* (Providers are required to be on the South Dakota ETPL to receive WIOA Title I Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth funding for training services.)
  • May receive referrals for potential students from South Dakota Job Service offices.

*Tuition assistance for WIOA Title I participants is determined on an individual need and availability of funding.

Who is eligible to become an Eligible Training Provider (ETP)?

  • Institutions of higher education with programs leading to a recognized postsecondary credential.
  • Entities that carry out programs registered under the National Apprenticeship Act (29 U.S.C. 50).
  • Eligible providers of Adult Education and Literacy activities under WIOA Title II if such activities are provided in combination with training services.
  • Public and private providers of a program of training services, which may include community-based organization and joint labor-management organizations.
  • A local workforce development board if it meets the conditions of WIOA sec. 107(g)(1).
How do I get started?
The process is simple. We can help you.
  • View the ETPL Policy and SDWORKS ETPL Provider Supplement for more details.
  • Training and education providers who want to become an approved provider must first create an SDWORKS account and request access to their institution's or company's ETPL account.
  • Once your SDWORKS Login account is created and you have been granted access to your institution/company ETPL account, you will receive email confirmation. Approved training providers can log in and complete an online training program application for approval.
Are there fees to be on the ETPL?
There are no cost associated with being listed on the ETPL.

What are Reciprocal Agreements?
Reciprocal agreements broaden the choice of training options and training locations available for WIOA funded individuals. Qualifying WIOA participants in South Dakota may enroll in a program of training identified on another states ETPL, and for WIOA participants in those states to enroll in training programs on DLR’s ETPL. Final approval for participants placed in a training program from either state, funded through WIOA, rest with DLR’s WIOA Title I Program Specialist.

DLR has entered into Reciprocal Agreements with the following states:

Colorado (South Dakota to Colorado only)
North Dakota

Who can I contact for assistance with ETPL?
Contact us at