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Division of Insurance

South Dakota Market Share Reports

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Market Share Reports - Prior years
  2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
Farm Mutuals                  
Life & Annuity
Deposit Type Funds                  
Other Considerations                  
Total Life & Annuity Premiums                  
Total Health Premiums, All Statement Types                  
Health Premiums by Health Companies:
Dental Only                  
Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan                  
Group Comprehensive                  
Health Total                  
Individual Comprehensive                  
Medicare Supplement                  
Medicare Title XVIII Exempt State Taxes Fee                  
Title XIX Medicaid                  
Title XVIII Medicare                  
Vision Only                  
Health Premiums by Life Companies:
Credit (Group and Individual)                  
Federal Employees                  
Group Health Policies                  
Guaranteed Renewable (Other Individual Policies)                  
Medicare Title XVIII (Exempt from State Taxes or Fees)                  
Non-cancelable (Other Individual Policies)                  
Non-renewable for Stated Reasons Only (Other Individual Policies)                  
Totals, Collectively Renewable                  
Totals, Other Individual Policies                  
Health Premiums by Property Casualty Companies:
All Accident & Health by Property Casualty Companies                 
Group Accident and Health                  
Guaranteed Renewable Accident and Health                  
Non-Renewable for Stated Reasons Only                 
Other Accident Only                  
Collectively Renewable Accident & Health                 
Non-Cancelable Accident & Health                 
Aggregate Write-ins for Other Lines of Business                  
Air Craft - All Perils                  
Allied Lines                  
Boiler Machinery                 
Burglary Theft                  
Commercial Auto-No Fault Personal Injury Protection                
Commercial Auto-Physical Damage                  
Commercial Multi-Peril - Liability Portion                  
Commercial Multi-Peril - Non-Liability Portion                  
Credit A & H Group/Individual               
Excess Workers' Compensation                  
Farm Owners Multi Peril                  
Federal Flood                  
Financial Guaranty                  
Homeowners Multi Peril                  
Inland Marine                  
Medical Professional Liability                  
Mortgage Guaranty                  
Multiple Peril Crop                  
Ocean Marine                  
Other Commercial Auto Liability                  
Other Liability                  
Other Private Passenger Auto Liability                  
Private Passenger Auto No Fault Personal Injury Protection                  
Private Passenger Auto Physical Damage                  
Products Liability                  
Workers' Compensation                  
Title Companies                  

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