Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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Division of Insurance - Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) Complaints

Pharmacy benefit managers operating in South Dakota must be licensed as a third party administrator pursuant to chapter 58-29D.

Persons who have observed, learned about or been made aware of a business practice that may violate South Dakota pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) law may advise the Division of Insurance of your concerns or request an investigation by completing the Pharmacy Benefits Management Complaint form.

Pharmacy Benefit Management Complaint Process

If you have a complaint, contact the entity involved first. Many complaints can be resolved by talking to them about your issue.

If you are still unable to resolve your complaint, you can file a complaint* with the Division of Insurance here or contact the Division at 605.773.3563 and speak to a division representative about your issue.

Pharmacy Benefit Management Complaint Form*

*This form is NOT for consumer heath insurance plan prescription drug benefit/formulary complaints. A consumer prescription drug health benefit complaint can be filed here. File complaints about securities regulations here.

Contact the Division of Insurance