Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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Division of Insurance

Market Conduct and Multi-State Examinations

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Market Conduct Examinations

Company Name Order Adopting Report: (issue date) Examination Report: (issue date) Implementation Order: (issue date, if applicable) Administrative Action:
Transamerica Life Insurance Company 02/16/2024 01/12/2024 N/A Consent Order 02/16/2024
National Crop Insurance Services, Inc. 09/23/2020 09/23/2020 N/A N/A
Lifeshield National Insurance Company 09/15/2020 10/16/2020 10/21/2020 Consent Order 09/15/2020
Midland National Life Insurance Company 01/18/2018 02/09/2017 TBD Consent Order 01/10/2018
Assurant, Inc. including Union Security Insurance Company, American Memorial Life Insurance, American BankersLife Assurance Company of Florida, Time Insurance, and John Alden Life Insurance Company




Consent Order for American Memorial Life Insurance Company 08/31/2016

Consent Order for Time Insurance and John Alden Life Insurance 08/31/2016

Consent Order for Union Security Insurance Company 08/31/2016

Zurich American Insurance Group 10/30/2015 12/01/2015 12/03/2015 Consent Order 10/30/2015
Sentry Insurance Group 07/17/2015 08/18/2015 09/23/2015 Consent Order 07/17/2015
Ability Insurance Company 06/19/2015 07/20/2015 N/A N/A
National Crop Insurance Services, Inc. 06/11/2015 07/13/2015 07/30/2015 N/A
Foremost and Farmers Insurance Groups 06/03/2015 07/06/2015 07/30/2015 Consent Order 06/3/03/2015
Washington National Insurance Company, formerly dba* Conseco Health Insurance Company 08/20/2013 09/20/2013 10/28/2013 Consent Order 08/29/2013
ReliaMax Surety Company 07/26/2013 08/26/2013 08/23/2013 Consent Order 07/26/2013
Ability Insurance Company 07/08/2013 08/08/2013 08/14/2013 Consent Order 07/08/2013

Multi-State Examinations

Company Name Regulatory Settlement Agreement South Dakota Settlement Amount
American Family Mutual Insurance Company 01/11/2022 $41,466.58
Companion Life Insurance Company 05/05/2021 $14,658.00
IHC Group:
Independence American Insurance Company
Madison National Life Insurance
Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York


Principal Life Insurance Company, Principal National Life Insurance Company, Principal Life Insurance Company of Iowa 07/13/2020 $562.00
Protective Life Insurance Company
West Coast Life Insurance Company
07/29/2019 $861.00
Canada Life Assurance Company
Crown Life Insurance Company
Great West Life & Annuity Insurance Company
Great West Life Assurance Company
London Life Reinsurance Company
07/29/2019 $605.00
Allstate Life Insurance Company
Allstate Assurance Company
American Heritage Life Insurance Company
07/29/2019 $68.00
Globe Life & Accident Insurance Company 01/09/2019 $10,819.44
Health Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC 01/02/2019 $21,068.29
National Indemnity Company <
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company
National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA
04/10/2018 N/A
Generali U.S. Branch 04/03/2018 $803.68
United States Fire Insurance Company 04/03/2018 $1,766.54
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company 03/12/2018 $567.92
Arch Insurance Company 03/12/2018 $233.64
American Modern Home Insurance Company 02/23/2018 $319.92
BCS Insurance Company 02/23/2018 $806.22
Jefferson Insurance Company 02/23/2018 $5,738.93
QBE Specialty Insurance Company; Praetorian Insurance Company 02/13/2018 $10,347.00
Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company 01/24/2018 $3,728.73
State Farm Health Insurance Company 01/22/2018 $963.00
American Family Life Assurance Co. of Columbus 01/11/2018 $1,931.00
Premera Blue Cross Group N/A
No Violation 08/15/2017
American Bankers insurance Company of Florida; American Security Insurance Company; Standard Guaranty Insurance Company; Voyager Indemnity Insurance Company 04/12/2017 $42,609.00
RiverSource Life Insurance Company (Ameriprise) 03/31/2017 $10,405.00
Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. 12/02/2016 N/A
Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company; Hartford Life Insurance Company; Hartford Life and Annuity Insurance Company 09/14/2016 $9,427.00
Minnesota Life Insurance Company; Securian Life Insurance Company; American Modern Life Insurance Company; Southern Pioneer Life Insurance Company 09/14/2016 $2,240.00
Standard Insurance Company 09/14/2016 $515.00
Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company; Great American Life Insurance Company; Manhattan National Life Insurance Company 09/14/2016 $519.20
Homesite Insurance Company of the Midwest; Homesite Indemnity Company; Homesite Insurance Company 02/09/2016 $742.00
AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company; AXA Equitable Life & Annuity Company; MONY Life Insurance Company; MONY Life Insurance Company of America; U.S. Financial Life Insurance Company 01/04/2016 $8,940.00
Brooke Life Insurance Company; Jackson National Life Insurance Company; Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York 01/04/2016 $8,175.00
Automobile Insurance Plan Service Office N/A
No Violation 01/08/2016
American Modern Insurance Group, Inc. 05/06/2015 $54,948.97
Pacific Life Insurance Company and Pacific Life and Annuity Company 03/25/2015 $6,956.22
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America; Guardian Insurance and Annuity Company; Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America; Family Service Life Insurance Company; Park Avenue Life Insurance Company; Sentinel American Life Insurance Company 03/25/2015 $1,513.09
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America 01/13/2015 $12,331.63