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Career Wonders

Download individual pages or sections (one per each of 16 career clusters, for example) in Adobe PDF format from South Dakota Career Wonders (booklet of career exploration information and activities for students in grades five through eight).

Front cover

Setting your sights on career plans (inside front cover)

When I grow up (page 1)

What's the big deal about career planning (pages 2 & 3)

Buying power of education (page 4)

Steps to your future (page 5)

Look within: values, comfort zones, skills and aptitudes (pages 6-8)

Trending - hot careers (page 9)

Career cluster interest survey (pages 10-15)

Career clusters introduction (page 16)

Career Clusters

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (page 17)

Architecture & Construction (page 18)

Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications (page 19)

Business Management & Administration (page 20)

Education & Training (page 21)

Finance (page 22)

Government & Public Administration (page 23)

Health Science (page 24)

Hospitality & Tourism (page 25)

Human Services (page 26)

Information Technology (page 27)

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security (page 28)

Manufacturing (page 29)

Marketing (page 30)

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (page 31)

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (page 32)

Learn more/career exploration questions (page 33)

Monthly budget (pages 34-36)

Core building (page 37)

Be prepared (pages 38-41)

Ya gotta getta plan - includes SD high school graduation requirements, SD Board of Regents admission & scholarship requirements and postsecondary education options (pages 42-45)

Every penny counts (page 46)

Habits to break while in school (page 47)

The sky's the limit (page 48)

Websites for career information (inside back cover)

Back cover

South Dakota Career Wonders (entire publication in one combined PDF file, in English)

South Dakota Career Wonders (entire publication in Karen)

South Dakota Career Wonders (entire publication in Spanish)