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Sioux Falls metro area expanding; other South Dakota labor market areas changing

Based on 2020 Census population data, the Office of Management and Budget has made changes to a number of Metrpolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and Micropolitan Statistical Areas (MiSA) designations across the nation. In South Dakota, the changes will impact the Sioux Falls, MSA as well as the Mitchell and Pierre MiSAs. The Sioux Falls MSA currently includes the counties of Lincoln, Minnehaha, McCook and Turner counties; Rock County of Minnesota is being added.

Sanborn County is being added to the Mitchell MiSA (which already includes both Davison and Hanson counties). Sully County is being eliminated from the Pierre MiSA (leaving Hughes and Stanley counties.)

Our various labor market data sets will implement the new MSA and MiSA designations beginning with data for January 2025. Historical data series will also be revised at that time to reflect the new designations. For more information about South Dakota's MSAs and MiSAs, visit our Definitions page.

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