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The Veggie-Matic of Industry Workforce Data

A new summary of data from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) program serves up a hearty helping of industry employment and wage data, thanks to the program's powerful data slicing and dicing. Learn more about the extent of detailed information available through the QCEW program.

Or explore for yourself the vast outputs from its slicing and dicing in the 2021 Summary. Annual average 2021 QCEW data is now available in the virtual labor market data system as well. Visit our QCEW menu page for access and instructions as needed.

Employment Trends in Broad Occupational Groups: A Decade of Change

Examining employment trends through a slightly different lens, we analyzed employment trends by broad occupational group. Learn how each group's share of total employment shifted from 2010 to 2020 as well as what those shifts tell us about workforce trends.

Overview of South Dakota Labor Market

See an overview of the labor market in South Dakota based on the most current data available, May 2022.

Snapshot of South Dakota's Economy

Get a quick synopsis, or snapshot, of the most current data available for numerous closely watched economic indicators.

Release Dates

Find out when the next data release from LMIC will be.