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Labor Market Information Center

Advertised Job Openings Data

Sometimes referred to as "real-time data," data on the number of job openings advertised online is available in the virtual labor market data system. Please note: this data is not produced in cooperation with or vetted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics like the more traditional data sets available in the virtual system.

Current Job Openings

Find current job openings for a specific area.

See step by step instructions for finding current online-advertised job openings (Also available in Adobe PDF format.)

Job Openings by Month

Use the links below for monthly job openings data. The default Time Period will be the most recent complete month for which data is available, but you can select other months as well.

By geographic area

By industry

By occupation

Top job openings by level of education required


Jobs Available 
The source of the online advertised jobs data in the virtual labor market data system is Geographic Solutions, Inc. the private vendor and source of that system. Geographic Solutions uses job "spidering" to collect the jobs data, a process that extracts content from jobs posted on the internet from a wide variety of sources. Geographic Solutions' spidering technology obtains jobs and real-time labor market intelligence from multiple sources of online job posting websites including, but not limited to, national and state job boards, existing public job listing sites and employer sites. To ensure quality data, their approach uses a well-designed, quality spidering strategy that directs the research and development of spidering and parsing processes. They identify quality sources and enforce controlled procedures for gathering and organizing job data. They constantly review and update this data for accuracy and freshness of the job postings. Geographic Solutions spiders and updates real-time, job-related data daily. The spidering process currently captures South Dakota job openings data from Career Builder, Hot Jobs, America's Labor Exchange, Job Central, Fortune 500 corporations, and state job boards (including SDWORKS, the state's online job bank provided and managed by the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation).

Individuals with active résumés in the workforce system (SDWORKS, the state's online job bank provided and managed by the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation) on the most previous day for which data is available, or for the most previous month for which data is available.

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