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Labor Market Information Center

Area Profiles

Area Profiles in the Virtual Labor Market Data System

Using our virtual labor market data system, you can easily generate a customized area profile including relevant, current workforce information such as the unemployment rate, the candidates to job openings ratio, the employers with the most job openings listed, income levels, population, occupations projected to be the fastest growing, employment and wage data.

Within the virtual labor market data system, from the left-hand menu, under "Labor Market Profiles," choose "Area Profile," then "Area Summary." (If you are interested in comparing two areas, choose "Area Comparison.")

If you need assistance using the virtual system, please contact us.

Local Employment Dynamics Data Available

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau's Local Employment Dynamics (LED) program can be a valuable component of a workforce or labor market profile for an area. The LED program is a voluntary partnership between state labor market information agencies (like the Labor Market Information Center) and the U.S. Census Bureau. The purpose of LED is to develop new information about local labor market conditions at low cost, with no added respondent burden, and with the same confidentiality protections afforded census and survey data. All 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands participate in this voluntary partnership.

LED integrates existing data from state-supplied administrative records on workers and employers with existing censuses, surveys and other administrative records. The time series data created under the federal LED Partnership provides unprecedented details about America's jobs, workers, and local economies and communities, and can assist in workforce and economic development, emergency preparedness and response, and transportation planning.

Use the Local Employment Dynamics Extraction Tool (U.S. Census Bureau)

For assistance using the LED Extraction Tool, contact us.

Need Additional Data for an Area Profile?

The Labor Market Information Center can provide or help you locate additional workforce data for an area of interest. Contact us with your specific needs to learn more.

Sioux Falls Area Economic Summary

Sioux Falls Area Economic Summary prepared by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (updated quarterly)