Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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Labor Market Information Center

Release Dates

Reference Month
of Data

Release of
U.S. Data

Release of Statewide
Labor Force &
Nonfarm Worker Data
Release of all
Monthly Data and
South Dakota
e-Labor Bulletin
Release of
Seasonally Adjusted
Labor Force Data
for Metropolitan Areas
October 2022 11/04/22 11/17/22 11/23/22 12/01/22
November 2022 12/02/22 12/15/22 12/22/21 12/29/22
December 2022 01/06/23 01/20/23 01/27/23 02/01/23


Links to Data on Release Dates

The following are links to where each release of data can be found on our website on the date indicated.

U.S. data - Economic Snapshot

Statewide labor force & nonfarm worker data - Economic Snapshot

Monthly data for all areas (including counties) - South Dakota e-Labor Bulletin

Seasonally adjusted labor force data for metropolitan areas - Economic Snapshot