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South Dakota Career Interest Survey

The South Dakota Career Interest Survey (SDCIS), which was a component of the former South Dakota Career InSite, is available in Microsoft Excel format. The SDCIS is a career interest survey to help individuals identify occupations that may be of interest to them. It contains 108 items, each a work-related activity. Those taking the survey are asked to rate, on a scale of one to five, how well they would like to perform that activity. Response options range from one being "dislike very much" to five being "like very much."

Step-by-step instructions for completing the survey are included at the top of the Excel file. After providing responses for all 108 items, the Excel file will automatically tally responses and identify, below the 108 items, the individual's scores for each of six career interest areas. Also included in the Excel file are instructions for the next step, exploring specific occupations of interest within the interest groups with the highest scores.

Take the South Dakota Career Interest Survey (Excel format) now.

The SDCIS is also available in printer friendly format (Adobe PDF). With this option, users will need to respond on paper, tally their own responses and add their scores manually. Download or print the SDCIS in Adobe PDF format.

About the Six Career Interest Areas

The six career interest areas are based on John Holland's career development model, Holland Occupational Themes, otherwise known as The Holland Codes. Holland's theory was that vocational choice is based to a large degree on underlying personality type. The six personality types or career interest areas are: Realistic, Enterprising, Artistic, Social, Investigative and Conventional. For descriptions of each of the groups, please see our Exploring Occupations of Interest page.