Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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South Dakota e-Labor Bulletin

National Economic Indicators

Indicators February 2021 January 2021 February 2020 Percent Change
Consumer Price Index 263.0 261.6 258.7 0.5% 1.7%
Nonfarm Payroll Employment (not seasonally adjusted) 141.9 140.9 151.0 0.7% -6.0%
Privately Owned Housing Starts 1,421 1,584 1,567 -10.3% -9.3%
Bank Prime Loan Rate 3.25 3.25 4.75 0.0% -31.6%
Gross Domestic Product (Links to a Bureau of Economic Analysis news release containing the most recent data available.)
Consumer Price Index and Nonfarm Payroll Employment (in thousands), U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Privately Owned Housing Starts, U.S. Census Bureau.
Bank Prime Loan Rate, Federal Reserve Board.

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