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Labor Market Information Center

The Labor Market Information Center collects, analyzes and provides to the public information on the labor market of the state. This includes information such as employment levels, unemployment rates, wage and earnings data, estimates of available labor, employment projections, business staffing patterns, career planning information, etc. Among those who use our information are employers, career decision makers, and education, economic development, job placement and training program planners.

The Labor Market Information Center is South Dakota's representative for federal-state cooperative programs with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and therefore has access to and expertise on labor market information for the nation and other states.

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Pandemic Picture Added to LMIC Website

First published Oct. 23, a Pandemic Picture will be a standing feature of the LMIC website. It offers insights into COVID-19's impact on South Dakota's workforce, analyzing key monthly data indicators. Want to be notified each time it's updated? Subscribe to the South Dakota e-Labor Bulletin to receive an email notice.

South Dakota Workforce Report Published

The South Dakota Workforce Report for 2019 is now available. This comprehensive, annual report on South Dakota's labor market examines all aspects of the state's labor economics, including population and workforce demographics, gross domestic product, labor force, worker commuting, worker levels by industry and establishment size, personal income, poverty, population projections, employment projections by industry and occupation, and high demand/high wage occupations. The annual workforce reports typically cover data sets for the calendar year. Because of the significance of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's annual report also includes a look at trends in workforce data available for the period since the outbreak. The Report is available in Adobe PDF format on this website. For a printed copy, please contact us.

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