Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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South Dakota Electrical Commission

Reciprocal Licensing Agreements

To take advantage of a reciprocal licensing agreement with the following states, you must have earned your license there by examination and you must have held it for at least one year unless otherwise specified. The license must be in an active status for one year in order to reciprocate the license to South Dakota. Please note reciprocating states may require additional education/supervision and score levels differing from South Dakota.

Existing Reciprocal Agreements with South Dakota

State License Reciprocated
Alaska Journeyman (JM), no ec equivalent
Arkansas Journeyman (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
Colorado Journeyman (JM), no ec equivalent (Master Electrician or ME + 2,000 more hours)
Idaho Journeyman (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
Iowa Journeyman (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
Minnesota Journeyman, Electrical Contractor
Montana Journeyman (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
Nebraska Journeyman, Electrical Contractor
New Hampshire Journeyman (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
New Mexico Journeyman only
North Dakota Journeyman, Electrical Contractor
Oklahoma Journeyman, unlimited electrical contractor (EC)
Texas Journeyman (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
Utah Journeyman (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
Wyoming Journeyman, Electrical Contractor

States Part of NERA Group without Existing Agreements with South Dakota

State Requirements
Maine Journeyman, master electrician
Vermont Journeyman (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
Wisconsin Journeyman, master electrician

States with Similar Licensing Requirements

State Requirements
Alabama Journeyman, master electrician
California General electrician (JM), Electrical Contractor (EC)
Connecticut Unlimited journey person (JM), Unlimited EC (EC)
Delaware Journey person (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
District of Columbia Journeyman (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
Georgia Electrical Contractor Class II (JM), no EC equivalent
Hawaii Journey worker (JM), Supervisory Electrician (EC)
Kentucky Electrician (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
Maryland Master Electrician (EC), no JM equivalent
Massachusetts Journeyman (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
Michigan Master Electrician (EC), no JM equivalent
New Jersey Journeyman (JM), Electrical Contractor (EC)
North Carolina Intermediate License (JM), no EC equivalent
Oregon General Journeyman (JM), General Supervisory Electrician (EC)
Rhode Island Journeyman (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
Virginia Journeyman (JM), no EC equivalent
Washington General Journey-Level Electrician (JM), Master Electrician (EC)
West Virginia Journeyman (JM), no EC equivalent (2,000 hours short)

States with Unverified Requirements for Reciprocation

State Requirements (call to confirm)
Arizona no state licenses
Florida varies by county/municipality
Illinois no state licenses
Indiana no state licenses
Kansas no state licenses
Louisiana no state licenses
Mississippi no state licenses
Missouri no state licenses
Nevada no similar licenses
New York no state licenses
Ohio no state licenses
Pennsylvania no state licenses
Puerto Rico no similar licenses
South Carolina no state licenses
Tennessee no state licenses