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South Dakota Electrical Commission

Homeowner Wiring

South Dakota Codified Law (SDCL) 20:44:14:01(12) defines an "owner's exemption" as an exemption from licensure requirements for an individual owner who is personally installing electrical wiring and fixtures in a residence or farmstead which is owned and resided in or on by the person installing the electrical wiring or fixtures.

Homeowners are not required to be licensed to wire their own residence or farmstead which meet the requirements of SDCL 20:44:14:01; however, a wiring permit is required when a $10 or more fee is generated (see below). You may purchase a wiring permit from the South Dakota Electrical Commission. (Note: Homeowners are not allowed to conduct an installation on commercial or rental property with a Homeowner's permit. Homeowners of a mobile home or modular home are not allowed to conduct an installation on these structures unless the units are located on an owner occupied lot at the time the installation is conducted. These properties must be wired by a licensed South Dakota electrical contractor.)

A fee is generated per the Fees for Inspections schedule. For instance, an individual may change up to nine openings in a home before a permit is generated as the first 40 openings are $1 per opening. Opening could be fixtures, receptacles, switches, etc. Therefore you would not be required to pull a permit to change a light or two or nine. But if you change out 10 or more openings of any combination, a fee of $10 or more would be generated requiring a permit. An installer may also run one circuit that is 30 amps or less without a permit being required as the fee would be $5. Once a second circuit or a circuit above 30 amps is run a minimum of a $10 fee is generated requiring a permit. Please note, an installer may request an inspection for any installation whether it generates a $10 fee or not.

Please note the $50 is a minimum fee per inspection. Consultation and/or inspections in addition to the assessed minimum one hour fee of $50 for one inspection will be assessed and due from the homeowner per South Dakota Administrative Rule.

To obtain a Homeowner's Wiring Permit, mail a check for $60 plus $50 per additional inspections over and above the first inspection [$10 permit fee with $50 minimum inspection fee plus $50 per additional inspection (made payable to the South Dakota Electrical Commission)] and submit with the Homeowner Permit Application (Adobe PDF format). Please note, fees are required to be paid before inspections are conducted.

Service change: $60 (one inspection)
Kitchen Remodel: $110 (one Rough-in and one Final)
Garage with open construction: $60 (Final)
Finished garage: $110 (one Rough-in and one Final)
Finished basement: $110 (one Rough-in and one Final)
Finished additions: $110 (one Rough-in and one Final)
Estimated fees assume no corrections.

Send payments to:
South Dakota Electrical Commission
308 S. Pierre Street
Pierre, SD 57501

Or you may email the application and pay by credit card.

The Commission will mail you a homeowner’s permit when we receive your payment.

Please contact your State Electrical Inspector for inspections two times during your project.

You must call!

Any installer must provide at least 72 hour notification to the inspector or the Commission office for an inspection. You are required to notify your local inspector and have a rough-in inspection completed prior to insulating, sheet rocking, paneling or covering the installation with any other type of material which would inhibit the rough-in inspection. Underground wiring must be inspected before the trench is back-filled. A final inspection is required for all jobs prior to occupancy. View the list of inspectors (Adobe PDF format). The electrical inspectors' working hours are Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., or you may leave a message on their phone 24 hours a day.

  • Rough-in - This is when you have all of the boxes mounted, all wires installed to all of the boxes and properly stapled, supported and exposed for inspection (with no insulation, drywall or other material covering the wiring).
  • Final Inspection - Everything should be complete at this time. All light fixtures, receptacles, switches, cover plates and other equipment such as water heaters, furnaces and other fixed in place equipment should be installed and energized.

When nearing the rough-in and final inspection, call your inspector to set up a time for your inspection. It is also very important to finalize the permit process, so PLEASE make sure you have a final inspection. There is no law requiring a "Green (final) Sticker," yet many home inspectors are noting the lack of "Green (final) Stickers" during home sale transactions.

Current life of a permit is three years. The homeowner is responsible to attain a permit to extend an installation longer than the original 3 year period.

Failure to comply with state requirements may result in a non-compliant installation and/or administrative fees.

A Homeowner’s Wiring Booklet (Adobe PDF format) includes a list of inspectors per district. For more information, call 800.233.7765 or 605.773.3573.