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Division of Insurance

Medicare Supplement Policies


Obtaining Insurance to Supplement Medicare

For all persons on Medicare, there is a six-month open enrollment period once they reach the age of 65. During the open enrollment period, Medicare supplement insurance can be obtained regardless of your health condition.

For those who are under age 65 and qualify for Medicare by reason of disability, there is also a six month open enrollment period beginning on the date of enrollment in Part B Medicare.

Cancer Policies in Conjunction with a Medicare Supplement

Cancer policies can be sold in addition to a Medicare supplement policy, as long as the cancer policy pays regardless of whether Medicare pays.

If you are considering the purchase of a policy in addition to a Medicare supplement, you should review your insurance needs carefully to ensure you need additional coverage and how much additional coverage you may want or need.

A disclosure form describing the coverage must be provided to you to aid you in deciding whether the policy fits your needs.

Med Select

Med Select or Medicare Select is a managed care version of Medicare supplement insurance. It requires the use of network hospitals and restricts payment to non-network hospitals except in emergency.

There are some companies offering this product in South Dakota.

Medicare Deductibles Affecting Medicare Supplement Policies

Your current policy is required to cover the change in any of your Medicare deductibles. There is no need to change your Medicare supplement policy due to any changes with deductibles.

Medicare Supplement Companies

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