Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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South Dakota Plumbing Commission

Licensing Examinations

The State Plumbing Commission administers and establishes educational, training and examination requirements for each of the following occupations.

  • Plumbing contractor, journeyman and apprentices
  • Sewer and water contractor, installer and apprentices.
  • Appliance contractor, installer and apprentices.
  • Water conditioning contractor, installer and apprentices.
  • Mobile home contractor, installer and apprentices.
  • Underground irrigation contractor, installer and apprentices.

Exams are held in Pierre at any time by advance appointment. Exams are also held in Sioux Falls and Rapid City, but not on specific preset dates. They are held in these locations when the office has received enough applicants to warrant travel to those sites. (Eight to 10 applicants is minimum to warrant travel to those sites.)

Application and fees must have been submitted and applicant must have been approved to take exam in order to schedule an exam in Pierre or attend exam sessions in Rapid City or Sioux Falls.

Upcoming Exam Sessions

City Date
Sioux Falls April 5, 2024
Rapid City April 12, 2024


Fee Exam Costs (for first time exam)

License Fee
Appliance Installation Contractor $260.00
Appliance Installation Installer $165.00
Irrigation Contractor $260.00
Irrigation Installer $165.00
Journeyman Plumber $205.00
Mobile Home Contractor $260.00
Mobile Home Installer $165.00
Plumbing Contractor $375.00
Restricted Plumbing Contractor $210.00
Restricted Journeyman Plumber $155.00
Restricted Sewer & Water Contractor $210.00
Restricted Sewer & Water Installer $155.00
Sewer & Water Contractor $335.00
Sewer & Water Installer $165.00
Temporary Permit $50.00
Water Conditioning Contractor $260.00
Water Conditioning Installer $165.00
Third-year Plumbing Apprentice $50.00