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Division of Insurance - Producer Information

Residency - Home State

You can reside in another state and hold a South Dakota resident producer license.* A resident producer license is issued using your home state address. The definition of home state includes your principal place of residency or your principal place of business. For example, you might live in a state bordering South Dakota but be employed in an agency in South Dakota.

*This provision does not apply to Bail Bonds. A Bail Bondsperson must reside in South Dakota for at least one year to be eligible for a bail bonds license.

If you already hold a non-resident producer license in South Dakota and relocate to our state, all you need to do is provide a change of address to the Division and request a Letter of Clearance from your home state. The Division will verify that your license has been terminated in your home state. If you were licensed in good standing in your home state prior to the termination of that license, your new resident producer license from South Dakota will be issued. You will not need to complete an application, submit a fee or take any insurance exams. This request must be made within 30 days from the date you move to South Dakota.

If you move to South Dakota and held a license in another state, you can request or apply for a license in South Dakota. If this request or application is made within 90 days of the date you terminated your license in the previous state, you will not be required to take any South Dakota insurance exams to obtain a producer license in the same line(s) of authority you held in the previous state of residency. If you wish to become licensed in additional or other lines of insurance, you may need to take a licensing exam.

If you leave South Dakota and want to apply for a resident producer license in your new state of residence, you will need to obtain a Letter of Clearance from the South Dakota Division of Insurance. Your request for a Letter of Clearance should be accompanied by payment in the amount of $10 (payable to the Division). The Letter of Clearance will verify that you were licensed in South Dakota and your license was in good standing. The letter will indicate the lines of authority you were authorized to write. The Division will issue a South Dakota non-resident license to you upon receiving your updated contact information including mailing address as well as proof of your resident producer license from your new home state. The non-resident producer license application, applicable license fee or Home State Certification is not necessary if you were licensed and in good standing when you left South Dakota. This information must be requested within 30 days of terminating your South Dakota license.

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