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Division of Insurance - Homeowners Insurance

Coverage for Forms of Insurance


Every policy, except the renters (HO4) and condominium (HO6) forms, provide the following six kinds of coverage.

Renters Form (HO4) includes coverages C through F below.

Condominium Form (HO6) has special coverages needed to the condominium owners like common wall coverage.

Coverage A | Damage to House

Covers damage to the house. The face amount of the policy (for example $50,000) is the most you'll receive if your house is totally destroyed.

Coverage B | Other Structures

Covers damage to other structures or buildings, such as a detached garage, work shed or fencing.

Coverage C | Personal Property

Coverage C insures for damage to, or loss of, personal property. Personal property includes household contents and other personal belongings used, owned or worn by you and your family. See section on extras for personal property that may need added coverage.

Coverage C also provides coverage for property other than your primary residence. This could include, but is not limited to: a lake cabin, property stored away from your residence or personal property at your office. Please remember, your deductible applies to all property losses.

Coverage D | Additional Living Expense

Coverage D is for additional living expenses when incurred. This means that the policy covers the necessary living expenses (up to the stated limit) incurred by the insured to continue, as nearly as possible, the normal standard of living when the house cannot be occupied due to a covered loss.

Coverage E | Comprehensive Personal Liability

This coverage is for comprehensive personal liability. It protects you against claims arising from accidents to others on property that you own or rent. With a few exceptions, such as auto or boating accidents, it is an all purpose liability policy which follows you wherever you go. This coverage does not cover you for liability arising out of the operation of a business in your home. Some companies will add liability for incidental business exposures. Check with your local insurance agent if you need coverage for a business operation.

Coverage F | Medical Expense

Coverage F is for medical expenses. Coverage is limited to an amount per person and per accident for injuries occurring on your premises to persons other than an insured, or elsewhere, if cause by you, a member of your family, or your pets. An important feature of this coverage is that payment is made regardless of legal liability.



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