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Training Opportunities for Individuals

Training Providers

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In 2015, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was enacted, taking the place of the former Workforce Investment Act (WIA). WIOA is designed to provide job training services to adults, youth and dislocated workers. It establishes a workforce system that emphasizes informed customer choice, job driven training programs, provider performance and continuous improvement.

Title I training funds available to eligible participants are directed toward high demand occupations and training programs where WIOA participants can earn a credential within two years of beginning their studies. View current information on training programs in high demand areas, eligible for WIOA Title I tuition assistance in South Dakota.

Students/Job Seekers

If you are interested in WIOA Title I training or tuition assistance, please visit your Job Service office.   

Training Providers

The intent of WIOA is to increase accountability and transparency through additional reporting and annual review. Each program goes through an initial or continued application process that is annually reviewed by the Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR).

Eligible training providers may be institutions of higher education that provide a program which leads to a recognized postsecondary credential, entities that carry out programs registered under the National Apprenticeship Act, and other public or private providers of training services, which may include community-based organization, joint labor-management organization, and eligible training providers of adult education and literacy activities under WIOA title II.

If you are a Training Provider with a program of study in one of the high demand training fields mentioned above and are interested in having your program available for WIOA Title I funding, you can review the procedures and obtain an application.

For more information regarding the Eligible Training Provider List please contact us at 605.773.6860 or email