Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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South Dakota Cosmetology Commission

Resources for Licensees

The following handouts and brochures, provided in Adobe PDF format, contain general information which may be helpful for cosmetologists, nail technicians, estheticians and instructors.

Blood Exposure Procedures - Keep these instructions in your first aid kit.

Booth Rental Recommendations - Please see our Rented Booth License Requirements and Recommendations page

Business Resources

Internal Revenue Service Publication 4161, Cosmetology, the Art of Doing Business. Federal Tax Guidelines for the Cosmetology and Barbering Industry. (2003)

Visit the South Dakota Department of Revenue's Business Tax Division's website for information on business tax requirements in the state.

Electric Files/Attachments - Sanitation for electric files and attachments.

Esthetics handout - Information on requirements involved in performing esthetics, including medical spa facilities.

A Licensee Guide to Nail and Pedicure Safety and Sanitation Procedures - Protect yourself and your clients.

Nail Safety and Sanitation handout - Keep things clean and safe.

Pedicure Sanitation handout - Keeping clean and safe while doing pedicures or using foot spas.

Protection and Safety Review Course - This PowerPoint presentation is used by the Commission to review safety, cleaning, and disinfecting procedures with licensees. You will need to use your right arrow key to navigate through this presentation and read it for yourself.

Required Postings - For information on required postings in salons, please see our Posting Requirements page.

Salon Self-Inspection Checklist - Inspect yourself and be ready when the real inspector shows up!

Scope of Practice - What your license does and does not allow.

Skin Care Equipment handout - Recommendations for purchasing safe skin care equipment.

Skin Care Safety and Sanitation handout - Information to help keep you and your clients safe and healthy.