Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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South Dakota Cosmetology Commission


South Dakota requires 1,500 hours of education for cosmetologists, 600 hours for estheticians and 400 hours for nail technicians. The basic education requirements for various licenses are listed in Licensing Requirements.

In order to renew a cosmetology, esthetician or nail technician license that has been expired for more than five years, you are required to pass the State Board Examination or take a Commission approved safety and infection control course and pass a safety and infection control exam.


Cosmetology apprenticeships are covered by South Dakota Codified Law (SDCL) 36-15-42 through 36-16-50 and Administrative Rule of South Dakota (ARSD) 20:42:07. There are several required steps before an apprenticeship is approved by the Commission and allowed to start.

Contact the Commission office at 605.773.6193 or by email for further information or questions on apprenticeships.


Approved Education Providers

List of Approved Education Providers (PDF)