Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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South Dakota Cosmetology Commission

Commission Information

About the Commission

The Cosmetology Commission consists of five members appointed by the Governor for three-year terms. Three members must be cosmetologists licensed in South Dakota at the time they are appointed and two members must be members of the public. No member of the Commission may be a member of, be affiliated with or have an interest in any cosmetology school while holding office. The Commission meets at least six times a year.

The Commission's duties include:

  • maintaining an office for the administration of records
  • inspections of salons, booths, cosmetology schools, nail technicians, estheticians and cosmetologists
  • conducting examinations for licensee applicants
  • investigating violations and enforcing the laws and administrative rules of South Dakota associated with by cosmetology

Commission Members

Renee Graf, Cosmetologist (Vice President)
Watertown, South Dakota

Trish Bates, Cosmetologist
Mitchell, South Dakota

Kathy Hofer, Lay Member
Bridgewater, South Dakota

Jason Pettigrew, Lay Member
Aberdeen, South Dakota

Karma Sanner, Cosmetologist
Sioux Falls, South Dakota