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Services for Veterans

Your Employment Rights as a Veteran under USERRA

The Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA) ensures that eligible persons, including members of the uniformed services, do not lose their jobs or employment benefits because of their military service. If you leave a civilian job for the purpose of determining fitness for or performing service in the uniformed services, voluntarily or involuntarily, you are entitled to return to your job if you:

  • Gave advance written or verbal notice of service to your employer (some exceptions exist).
  • Did not exceed five years of cumulative uniformed service with any one employer (some exceptions exist).
  • Reported to work or submitted an application for re-employment to your employer within the required timeframe.
  • Were released from any type of military service under qualifying conditions.

If your service period was longer than 30 days, and if your employer requests it, you must provide documentation showing you meet the above criteria. Your employer cannot delay your re-employment in the absence of this documentation.

For more information or additional assistance please click here or call the U.S Department of Labor - Veterans’ Employment and Training Service at 605.626.2325.