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CARES Act/Continued Assistance Act — Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

PUA/Self-employed — Steps to Reopen Your Business or Search for Work

Per federal guidelines, self-employed individuals must take steps to reopen their businesses and report all wages or seek other employment to remain eligible for reemployment assistance benefits. Please keep a record of steps you take to reopen or your work search activities.

IMPORTANT: You must report all of your gross income for earnings every week. 

Option 1: Take Steps to Reopen Your Business 

Please keep a record of how many hours per week you spent rebuilding your business and the steps taken in the event the Reemployment Assistance Division requests this information. Examples of steps you can take:

  • Let your customers or clients know you’re reopening by posting on your social media platforms.
  • Contact past customers or clients.
  • Advertise.
  • Pass out business cards and flyers.
  • Reach out to potential clients.
  • Make sure any required licenses or permits are current and renew them if they are not current.
  • Obtain required permits or licenses if you don’t already have them.
  • Review current contracts and research new ones.
  • Prepare a bid on contract.
  • Submit a bid on a contract.
  • Research and prepare for a specific contract.
  • Check your inventory.
  • Enroll in training to expand your skills.

Option 2: Seek Other Employment

If you are not taking steps to reopen your business or do not plan to reopen your business, you need to complete work search activities. You will report this information when completing your weekly request for payment by answering the work search related questions.

  • Employer or business contact information, including employer or business name, address, phone number, email address.
  • Name and title of person contacted.
  • Documentation of use of an online career tool.
  • Confirmation of an online job board submission.
  • Networking event name and location.
  • Specifics of job-related education or other skills development activity.
  • Reemployment service in which you participated.
  • What action you took.
  • How you applied for the position.
  • The type of work you were looking for.
  • The person you contacted, with a telephone number, email address or other reliable contact information.

We strongly encourage you to work with your nearest Job Service office to receive job search assistance and training opportunities if you are seeking other employment. Appointments are available Monday through Friday in-person or virtually.

If you would like to speak with a Customer Service Representative to discuss questions about an existing claim, please call 605.626.2452 or email 

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