Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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Division of Insurance

Third Party Administrator Listing

Current as of November 2021

90 Degree Benefits, Inc.
A.G.I.A., INC.
AAFP Insurance Services, Inc.
Accenture Insurance Services, LLC
Accenture Solutions Private Limited
Accenture, Inc.
Acclaris, Inc.
Actuarial Management Resources, Inc.
Administrative Concepts, Inc.
ADP Benefit Services KY, Inc.
Advantasure, Inc.
Aetna Health Management, LLC
Aetna Life Insurance Company
Affinity Insurance Services, Inc.
A-G Administrators, LLC
AGA Service Company
AIG Claims, Inc.
Alight Administration Solutions, LLC
Alius Health, LLC
Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc.
Allegiance COBRA Services, Inc.
Alliance-One Services, Inc.
Alliant Services Houston, Inc.
Allied Administrators
Allied Benefit Systems, LLC
Allied National, LLC
Alluma, LLC
AMA Insurance Agency, Inc.
Amalgamated Employee Benefits Administrators, Inc.
American Benefits Administration, LLC
American Claims Management, Inc.
American Insurance Administrators, LLC
American Service Agency, LLC
American Specialty Health Group of South Dakota, Inc.
American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc.
American Trust Administrators, Inc.
AmeriHealth Administrators, Inc.
Amplifon Hearing Health Care, Corp.
AmWins Connect Administrators, Inc.
AmWins Group Benefits, LLC
Andesa Services, Inc.
Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc.
Argus Dental & Vision, Inc.
Armada Administrators, LLC
Avera Health Plans, Inc.
Avesis Third Party Administrators, Inc.
AXA Assistance USA, Inc.
Bay Bridge Administrators, LLC
Beacon Health Options, Inc.
Beam Insurance Administrators, LLC
Benafica, LLC
Benchmark Administrators, LLC
Benecard Services, Inc.
Benefit Group, Inc. (The)
Benefit Harbor Insurance Services, LLC
BeniComp Group Inc.
Benistar Administrator Services, Inc.
Bestow Agency, LLC
BH TPA Services, LLC
Bind Benefits, Inc.
Blink Health Administration, LLC
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota
BMI Benefits, LLC
Bollinger, Inc.
Boon Administrative Services, Inc.
Boon-Chapman Benefit Administrators, Inc.
Brella Services, Inc.
Brentwood Services Administrators, Inc.
Brighton Health Plan Solutions, LLC
Broadspire Services, Inc.
Brokerage Concepts, LLC
BSwift, LLC, Inc.
Bywater, LTD
Cambridge Administrators, LLC
Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc.
Caremark, LLC
CaremarkPCS Health, LLC
Catilize Health, Inc.
CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services, Inc.
Centivo T Holdings, LLC
Cervus Claim Solutions, LLC
Change Healthcare Pharmacy Solutions, Inc.
CHCS Services, Inc.
Chesterfield Resources, Inc.
Chesterfield Services, Inc.
Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company
Claims Associates, Inc.
Claims One, LLC
CNA ClaimPlus, Inc.
CNO Services, LLC
Coforge BPM, Inc.
Cognizant Technology Solutions Services, LLC
Cognizant TriZetto Software Group, Inc.
Collectivehealth Administrators, LLC
Concentrix Daksh Services India Private Limited
Concentrix Daksh Services Philippines Corporation
Conduent Health Administration, Inc.
ConnectYourCare, LLC
Constitution State Services, LLC
Contigo Health, LLC
Continental Benefits, LLC
Cooperative Benefit Administrators, Inc.
Co-ordinated Benefit Plans, LLC
Core V Solutions, Inc.
Corvel Enterprise Comp, Inc.
Cottingham & Butler Claims Services, Inc.
Covenant Administrators, LLC
Coventry CareLink Insurance Services, LLC
Coventry Healthcare Workers Compensation, Inc.
Coverdell & Company, Inc.
CPM, Inc.
Crawford & Company
Crawford Catastrophe Services, LLC
Creative Risk Solutions, LLC
CRL Plus, Inc.
Cuenca & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc.
CWIBenefits, LLC
Cypress Benefit Administrators (LHS), LLC
Dakotacare Administrative Services, Inc.
Dan Services, Inc.
Davis Vision, Inc.
Decare Dental Health International, LLC
Delta Dental Insurance Company
Delta Dental of Arkansas, Inc.
Delta Dental of Illinois
Delta Dental of Tennessee
Delta Dental Plan of Michigan, Inc., dba Renaissance Benefit Administrators
Dental Benefit Providers, Inc.
Dental Network of America, LLC
DentaQuest, LLC
Direct Response Insurance Administrative Services, Inc.
DirectWeb Administrative Services, LLC
Disability Insurance Specialists, LLC.
Disability Management Services, Inc.
Disability Reinsurance Management Services, Inc.
DST Insurance Solutions, LLC
DST Pharmacy Solutions, Inc.
Ebix Health Administration Exchange, Inc.
Edison Health Solutions, LLC
EIG Services, Inc.
Elite Sales Processing, Inc.
EMC Risk Services, LLC
Employee Benefit Management Services, LLC
Employee Benefit Services, Inc.
Employee Benefits Corporation
Employer Direct Healthcare, LLC
Employers Direct Health, Inc.
Empower Retirement, LLC
Enstar US Inc.
Envolve Dental, Inc.
Envolve Pharmacy Solutions, Inc.
ESIS, Inc.
ET Services, LLC
Ethos Technologies, Inc.
Evernorth Behavioral Health, Inc.
EverythingBenefits, Inc.
eviCore healthcare MSI, LLC
Exceedent LLC
Exemplar Health Benefits Administrator, LLC
ExlService Philippines, Inc.
ExlService Technology Solutions, LLC (India) Private Limited
Express Scripts Administrators, LLC dba Express Scripts
Extend Health LLC
Fabric Insurance Agency, LLC
Fairview Pharmacy Services, LLC dba ClearScript
Farmington Administrative Services, LLC
FBMC Benefits Management, Inc.
FCE Benefit Administrators, Inc.
First American Administrators, Inc.
First Enroll, LLC
Firstsource Health Plans and Healthcare Services, LLC
Flume Health, Inc.
Forrest T. Jones Consulting Company
Forrest T. Jones & Company, Inc.
Fortitude Life & Annuity Solutions, Inc.
Franklin Madison Group, LLC
Fringe Benefit Group, Inc.
Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
Garner Heath Technology, Inc.
GBS Administrators, Inc.
Genpact Insurance Administrative Services, Inc.
Gilsbar, LLC
Glatfelter Claims Management, Inc.
Glatfelter Underwriting Services, Inc.
Global Bankers Insurance Group, LLC
Government Employees Health Association, Inc. (GEHA)
Gravie Administrative Services LLC
Group & Pension Administrators, LLC dba GPA
Hagan Insurance Group
Harvey W. Watt & Company, Inc.
Hawaii Mainland Administrators, LLC
Health Infonet, Inc./First Choice Health
Health IQ Administrative Services, Inc.
Health Plan Intermediaries Holdings LLC
Heath Plans, Inc.
Health Special Risk, Inc.
Healthcare Highways Health Plan (ASO), LLC
HealthMine Services, Inc.
Healthpartners Administrators, Inc.
Healthscope Benefits, Inc.
HealthSmart Benefit Solutions, Inc.
Helmsman Management Services, Inc.
HGS Healthcare, LLC
Humana Health Plan, Inc.
Humana Pharmacy Solutions, Inc.
IISI Insurance Services, Inc.
Illumifin Corporation
IMA, Inc. DBA IMA Administrators, Inc.
Independent Health's Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions, LLC
Infosys McCamish Systems, LLC
Ingeniorx, Inc.
Insurance Administrative Solutions, LLC
International Medical Administrators, Inc.
John Hancock Administrative Services, LLC
Johnson Rooney Welch, Inc.
Johnston & Associates, Inc.
Kelly & Associates Insurance Group, Inc.
Kelsey National Corporation
Key Benefit Administrators, Inc.
Kroger Prescription Plan, Inc.
Ladder Ins Services, LLC
Level Benefits, Inc.
Liazon Corporation
Lifecare Assurance Company
Lifeprint Health, Inc.
Lifetime Benefit Solutions, Inc.
Lincoln Life Assurance Company of Boston
Lockton Affinity, LLC
Lombard International Administration Services Company, LLC
Long Term Care Group, Inc.
Long Term Care Partners, LLC
LOTSolutions, Inc.
Lucent Health Solutions, LLC
M Insurance Solutions, Inc.
Magellan Behavioral Health Systems, LLC
Magellan Rx Management LLC
Management Research Services, Inc.
Markel Service, Inc.
Mass Benefits Consultants, Inc.
Massmark Administrative Services, Inc.
Matrix Absence Management, Inc.
Maxorplus, Ltd.
Meadowbrook, Inc.
Medica Self-Insured
Medical Eye Services, Inc.
Medical Group Insurance Services, Inc.
Medical Mutual Services, LLC
MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.
Members health Insurance Company
Mercer Health & Benefits Administration, LLC
Merchants Benefit Administration, Inc.
MeridianRx, LLC
Meritain Health, Inc.
MetLife Global Operations Support Center Private Limited
Metlife Services and Solutions, LLC
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Meyer and Associates
MIC Risk Management Services, LLC
Mid-America Associates, Inc.
Mid-American Benefits, LLC
Mitchell International, Inc. dba MCN
Morgan-White Administrators, Inc.
Morneau Shepell Limited
National Insurance Services of Wisconsin, Inc.
National Vision Administrators, LLC
Navia Benefit Solutions, Inc.
Navitus Health Solutions, LLC
North American Benefits Company
North American Risk Services, Inc.
NPIA, Inc.
Ocean Consulting Group, Inc.
Omega Benefit Strategies, Inc.
OptumHealth Care Solutions, LLC
Optuminsight, Inc.
OptumRx, Inc.
Parker Services, LLC
Pathian, LLC
PayerFusion Holdings, LLC
Payflex Systems USA, Inc.
Paylogix, LLC
PEARL Insurance Group, LLC
PerformRx LLC
Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company
Pharmacy Data Management, Inc.
Physicians Planning Services Corporation of CT
Planned Administrators, Inc.
PlanSource Benefits Administration, Inc.
Plateau Insurance Company
PreferredOne Administrative Services
Premier Administrative Solutions, Inc.
Premier Health Solutions, LLC
Prime Therapeutics, LLC
Priority Health Managed benefits, Inc.
Professional Disability Associates, LLC
Professional Risk and Asset Management Insurance Services, Inc.
Progyny Inc.
Providence Administrative Services, Inc.
Provident Agency, Inc.
Radiant Services, LLC
Ramos Admin, LLC
Redirect Health Administration, LLC
Reed Group Management, LLC
Regional Insurance Service Company, Inc.
Relation Insurance Services - Specialty Risk, Inc.
Revolv, Inc.
Risk Administration Services, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Reserve LLC
S & S Healthcare Strategies, LTD
Sagicor Administrative Services
SALT Associates, LLC
Salus Claims Management, LLC
Sanford Health Plan
Scrip World, LLC
Script Care, LTD
Secure Administrative Solutions, LLC
Secure One Benefit Administrators, Inc.
Sedgwick Global, Inc.
Select Benefits Group, Inc.
Self Insured Services Company
Selman & Company, LLC
Seniordent of Illinois Inc.
Seven Corners, Inc.
Shasta Administrative Svcs., Inc.
Sidecar Health Insurance Solutions, LLC
Skygen USA, LLC
Southern Scripts, LLC
Special Insurance Services, Inc.
Specialty Benefits, Inc.
Spectera, Inc.
Staff Benefits Management, Inc.
Star Marketing & Administration, Inc.
Student Assurance Services, Inc.
Summit Administration Services, Inc.
Superior Vision Services, Inc.
Surego Administrative Services, LLC
TCS e-Serve International Limited
Texas Service Life Insurance Company
The Lewer Agency, Inc.
The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
The Loomis Company
The Princeton Corporation
The Zurich Services Corporation
THP Insurance Company
TMG Health, Inc.
Total Administrative Services Corporation
Total Insurance Brokers, LLC
Towers Administrators, Inc.
Towers Watson Retiree Insurance Services, Inc.
Transaction Application Group, Inc.
Trip Mate, Inc.
Triplus Services, Inc.
Tristar Claims Management Services, Inc.
True Rx Management Services, Inc.
Trustmark Health Benefits, Inc.
Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions, Inc.
Tufts Benefit Administrators, Inc.
U.S. Imaging Network, LLC
UCHealth Plan Administrators, LLC
UMR, Inc.
Unified TPA, LLC
Unifyhr, LLC
United Behavioral Health
United Concordia Companies, Inc.
United Healthcare Services, Inc.
UnitedHealthcare Service, LLC
UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits, LLC
Universal Fidelity Life Insurance Company
Unum Life Insurance Company of America
USAble Corporation
USAble Mutual Insurance Company dba Blueadvantage Administrators of Arkansas
USI Insurance Services, LLC
Vision Service Plan
WageWorks, Inc.
webTPA Employer Services, LLC
WellDyneRx, LLC
Wellfleet Group, LLC
Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
WEX Health, Inc.
WIPRO Insurance Solutions, LLC
Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation
Withme Health, LLC
WNS North America, Inc.
World Travel Protection Canada Inc.
Worldwide Insurance Services, LLC
Xchange Benefits Services, LLC
York Risk Services Group, Inc.
Zenith American Solutions, Inc.
Zenith Insurance Company

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