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Workers' Compensation


The South Dakota Worker's Compensation Law covers all employers with only limited exceptions.


  • Domestic servants (unless working for an employer more than 20 hours in any calendar week and for more than six weeks in any 13-week period)
  • Farm or agricultural labor
  • One whose employment is not in the usual course of trade, business, occupation or profession of the employer (independent contractors, including real estate agents and owner-operators of trucks certified as independent contractors by the Department of Labor and Regulation; see "Coverage for Independent Contractors" below for more information)
  • Certain elected officials of the state or any subdivision of government
  • Workfare participants

Coverage for Independent Contractors

For more information on being certified, for workers' compensation purposes, as an independent contractor (including real estate agents and owners-operators of trucks), please visit our Coverage for Independent Contractors page.

Workers' Compensation Coverage Verification Service

Use the Online Coverage Verification Service to verify an employer's coverage under Workers' Compensation.

Please note: Information contained in/provided from the Coverage Verification Service database is a representative reflection of selected information maintained by the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation. There may be discrepancies in information provided due to causes outside the control of the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation, such as reporting/recording delays and inaccuracies. For information on self-insured employers, please call 605.773.3681.


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