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Reemployment Assistance Benefits

Reopen a Claim

You must reopen your claim under the following circumstances:

  • If you have not filed any weekly requests for payment for a period of four or more weeks.
  • If you return to work and then separate from that employment, even if it is for one day or less.
  • If you change your address as a result of moving out of South Dakota or back to South Dakota.

You must reopen your claim during the first week you want to begin claiming benefits, even though you cannot claim the week until it is over.

A claim filed on a Sunday is effective that Sunday, and a claim filed on Monday through Saturday is effective on the Sunday preceding the date the claim was filed.

If you do not file within the week for which you wish to receive benefits, you may lose those benefits.

You may reopen your claim online through the RA Benefits Portal or by calling the Call Center at 605.626.3179. For TTY service, dial 711 or 800.877.1113. Translator services available on request.


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