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Reemployment Assistance Benefits

Eligibility Requirements

Even though you may have earned enough wages to qualify for reemployment assistance benefits, you must meet other requirements to be eligible to receive benefits. There are many factors that can affect an reemployment assistance claim. The Reemployment Assistance Division determines eligibility based on information from you and your former employer(s) and South Dakota Reemployment Assistance laws.

If your separation from employment was for qualifying reasons as defined by Reemployment Assistance law, you will begin to receive benefits as long as there are no other issues with your claim.

General eligibility requirements for each week include:

  • You are able and available to accept work
  • You are actively seeking work, unless we’ve told you otherwise
  • You are registered with your states designated workforce agency
  • You have participated in all re-employment activities as directed by your local South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation office

This list does not include all of the eligibility requirements. Your eligibility is determined based on your specific situation. Your situation may be different from that of the people that you worked with at the same job.

You may be denied benefits if you:

  • Quit or were discharged from your job
  • Are not able and available for work
  • Are not actively seeking work
  • Refuse or fail to apply for suitable work as directed by your local office.
  • Have earnings equal to or more than your weekly benefit amount (this includes wages, vacation, holiday or separation pay)
  • Are self-employed and working more than 40 hours per week

This list does not include all the reasons for which you may be denied benefits.

If you have questions about your eligibility requirements, contact Customer Service at 605.626.2452.

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