Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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Money Transmitters — Licensee Changes Which Must Be Reported


For a Name Change

Submit a letter explaining the name change to the Division. List the current name and the proposed name, include the license number, and attach legal documentation showing the name change (such as a marriage certificate or court document, or Certificate of Authority or Certificate of Assumed Name filed with the South Dakota Secretary of State).

For an Address Change

Submit a letter of explanation to the Division listing the current address and the proposed address, and include the license number. If the address change affects the physical address printed on the license certificate, attach the current license for amendment.

For Change of Control

A licensee must give the director written notice of a proposed change of control within 15 days after learning of the proposed change of control and request approval of the acquisition. That notice must include a written statement giving the full name, title and percent of ownership of all current owners and the full name, title and percent of ownership after the proposed change. Any new owners or control persons must complete and submit a Biographical Statement and Consent Form (in Adobe PDF format). After review of a request for approval, the director may require the licensee to provide additional information concerning the proposed persons in control of the licensee.