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Nationwide Licensing Protocol

You have indicated that you wish to license in more than one state. You may be eligible for an expedited licensing process called the Protocol. This is a voluntary process. You can go directly to any state and pursue licensing outside of this process. The following states have elected to use this process:

  • Washington
  • Texas
  • Tennessee
  • Massachusetts
  • Illinois
  • Georgia

Please note there may be disqualifying factors that keep you from using this process. The Phase One Certifying State or other states in the process will notify you of specific disqualifying factors.

Indicate your interest in the phased application process by contacting one of the Signatory States. If you are eligible for and receive a Phase One Application Certification through NMLS from one of the Signatory States you have not yet been granted a license. Your license application will then be reviewed by the other Signatory States and will only have to meet those states' specific requirements during Phase Two. After the Phase Two reviews, your license application will either be approved or denied by each Signatory State.

You can only apply for a Phase One Certification from one state. Other states in the process will not accept an application from you until the Phase One review is complete. If you are determined ineligible for the process, you can proceed to pursue a license in any individual state or states using each state's licensing process.