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Appraiser Certification Program

Frequently Asked Questions about Licensure


How do I become an appraiser licensed/certified with the Appraiser Certification Program?

Obtain the necessary education and experience hours for the intended appraiser category, thoroughly complete and submit an application form (general) along with the required application fee. See our Classifications and Requirements page for more information.

Do you require a background check and/or fingerprinting?

Yes, new applicants must undergo a state and federal criminal background investigation and fingerprinting by the Division of Criminal Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Where can I get the appraisal education courses I need?

See our Approved Qualifying Education or Approved Continuing Education page for a list of courses/seminars, or contact our office. Keep in mind this is not a complete list of acceptable courses. There are a number of courses that might be acceptable but have not been submitted for approval.

Where and when do I take the national appraiser examination?

The national examination occurs after the appraiser application has been approved. Upon approval the candidate will be provided with a candidate handbook for the computerized National Uniform Appraiser Examination and instructions for contacting and making arrangements with the testing company to sit for the exam.

What are the educational and experience requirements for appraisers?

There are four appraiser categories each with its own requirements. See our Classifications of Appraisers and Requirements page.

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Where can I get a copy of the South Dakota Codified Laws and Administrative Rules governing appraisers?

See our Laws and Regulations page to view the laws and rules online, or contact us using the options at the bottom of this page to request a printed copy.

Where can I get a copy of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)?

You may obtain the USPAP by contacting:

The Appraisal Foundation Store
800.348.2831 (toll free)

How do I obtain a Temporary Permit?

Submit a completed Application for Temporary Practice form, a copy of the contract for appraisal assignment, and the Temporary Permit fee. See our Temporary Permit page for further details.

Do you have reciprocity licensing/certification?

Yes, a nonresident of South Dakota who is licensed or certified to appraise real estate in another state, territory or the District of Columbia that has equivalent South Dakota appraiser licensure requirements may obtain a reciprocity certificate. See our Reciprocity page for more information.

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How do I get a reciprocal license/certificate?

Thoroughly complete and submit a Reciprocity Application form, Letter of Good Standing/History Letter from the original issuing state and the required reciprocity fee.See our Reciprocity page for more information.

How do I become a licensed/certified appraiser with the Appraiser Certification Program if I was licensed/certified in another state and move to South Dakota?

If you are a state-certified general, state-certified residential or state-licensed appraiser who moves to South Dakota and you hold a valid certificate and are in good standing in your previous state of domicile, an equivalent certificate/license may be issued. See Administrative Rule of South Dakota (ARSD) 20:14:05:01.01 for more information.

How do I place my appraiser certificate/license on inactive status?

Send your request in writing, along with your appraiser certificate and identification card, to us using the Contact Us information on our home page.

How do I reinstate my appraiser license/certificate that has been on inactive status?

Submit a written request to return to active status, along with evidence of successful completion of required continuing education, and the $40 National Registry fee (if you went inactive at renewal) to us using the Contact Us information on our home page.

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How do I upgrade my appraiser license/certificate?

Obtain the experience and education needed for the targeted appraiser category. (See our Classifications of Appraisers and Requirements page.) Then thoroughly complete an Application for New or Upgrade Credential, submit the required fees, and provide documentation verifying the required educational hours.

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