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Cabinet Secretary

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Appraiser Certification Program

Temporary Permit

A nonresident of South Dakota who is licensed or certified to appraise real estate in his or her state of domicile must obtain a temporary permit prior to performing an appraisal of real estate in South Dakota. This can be accomplished upon submitting for each assignment:

  1. A completed original (no copies, please) Non-Resident Appraiser Application for Temporary Practice form (in Adobe .pdf format*).
  2. $200.00 Temporary Practice Fee. (Please make check payable to Appraiser Certification Program.)
  3. Copy of the contract for the appraisal work to be completed.

Mail the above to the address under Contact Us on our home page.

See Administrative Rules of South Dakota 20:14 and South Dakota Codified Law 36-21B for more information.

Please note: Out-of-State Appraisers may be required to apply for a South Dakota Sales Tax License. Please call the South Dakota Department of Revenue at 800.829.9188 or email them at to request a sales tax application.

Questions and Answers About Temporary Practice in South Dakota

Can a copy of the temporary practice permit be faxed to the applicant upon issuance?

Yes, upon request by the applicant. Contact us to submit your request.

If the forms are incomplete or improperly completed will South Dakota issue the temporary permit?

No. Forms must be properly completed.

Is the temporary permit issued limited to the performance of the appraisal work required by the contract submitted with the application?

Yes. Each temporary permit issued is for the specified appraiser and property designated in the contract and application.

When does the temporary permit expire?

The temporary permit expires upon completion of the appraisal work required by the contract for appraisal service or six months, whichever occurs first.

Can an extension for the temporary permit be requested?

Yes. The request must be made in writing. (See the Contact Us information on our home page.) Each request is considered on an individual basis and will only be granted for a valid reason.

Am I required to be familiar and abide by South Dakota rules and laws regarding appraisers?

Yes. Visit our Laws and Rules page or contact us for a free copy.