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Appraiser Certification Program


A nonresident of South Dakota who is licensed or certified to appraise real estate in another state, territory or the District of Columbia that has equivalent South Dakota appraiser licensure requirements, may obtain a reciprocity certificate prior to performing an appraisal(s) of real estate in South Dakota.

Certification by reciprocity is possible for the following certification classifications:

  • State-certified general
  • State-certified residential
  • State-licensed appraisers

See our Classifications and Requirements of Appraisers page for more information.

Certification by reciprocity can be accomplished by submitting the following to our office using the Contact Us information on our home page.

  1. Completed and notarized Application for Issuance of Appraiser Certificate/License by Reciprocity form. Part I is to be completed by the applicant for reciprocity. Part II and Part III are to be completed by both the applicant and a notary public.
  2. Letter of good standing/history letter from original issuing state.
  3. Appropriate fees, which can be found on our Fees page. (Fees are also listed on the application form.) Please make your checks payable to the Appraiser Certification Program. )

Read the instructions on the forms carefully. Forms will not be processed if incomplete or improperly completed and will be returned for corrections. The application must be typed or printed clearly in ink.

Please note: The reciprocity application must be completed before moving to South Dakota.

Out-of-state appraisers may be required to apply for a South Dakota Sales Tax License.

See the current laws and regulations relating to appraisers and appraisals in South Dakota.

Note about competency: All classifications of appraisers in South Dakota must comply with the Competency Rule of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. All are also responsible, regardless of transaction value, for knowing the difference between having the authority to perform an appraisal and having the necessary qualifications through experience, knowledge and training to perform an appraisal competently.

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