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National Career Readiness Certificate

National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) in the Schools

NCRC Application for High School Junior and Senior Assessments (Adobe PDF)

Students who have been prepped regarding the NCRC are generally more actively engaged in the assessment, which leads to stronger performance. Please take a few minutes to introduce the assessments to the students who will be participating. (Resources available below are provided in Adobe PDF format unless otherwise noted.)

We realize time is tight; therefore, we offer the following guidelines for discussing the assessments.

Before the Assessment Day

Required - Make sure they have the basics

If you have more time, explore the sample questions, occupational database and employers who recognize the NCRC

After the Assessment Day

After students receive their score information, review the score interpretation PowerPoint and the occupation investigation worksheet so students understand how to use their certificate

After a certificate is earned, follow these instructions to activate and share your certificate

(We encourage students to access their account to activate and share their certificate with employers; and view their WorkKeys Assessment score information.)

  1. Access Your Account
    • Go to
    • Select "Individuals. Log In Now."
    • Enter your User ID and Password found in the cover letter of your results packet.
  2. Update Your Account
    • After entering your User ID and Password, you will be asked to update your account profile by filling in all the required information fields.
    • Once you have updated your profile, you may change your password by clicking on the Change Password option on the left side of the screen.
  3. Share Your Certificate

    NOTE: ACT does not release any information until you have authorized it. Employers will not be able to verify your certificate details until you have shared it.

    • Click on Certificate Management on the left side of the screen. Your certificate details will be displayed under "Current Certificate(s)"
    • Click on Share to make your certificate public for releasing information to employers.
    • Next, you will be asked to Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
    • Once Terms and Conditions have been agreed to, you will notice Share has changed to Restrict and a Public Share URL has been created. If you would choose to discontinue sharing your certificate information, you can enter this log-in and change this option to Restrict.
    • When you provide employers with your Certificate ID, they will be able to verify your certificate by going to You can also send employers the Public Share URL generated in the system.

Detailed instructions of certificate sharing are available from ACT in the Access Pre-created Account Quick Start Guide.

Need materials, more information or guidance?

For questions regarding NCRC administration, call 605.773.5821
For questions regarding NCRC on transcripts, SPI and graduation requirements, call Kim VanDenHemel at 605.773.3423