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UpSkill — Intake and Orientation

South Dakota UpSkill, a partnership between the South Dakota Board of Technical Education and DLR, provides full tuition assistance to qualified South Dakotans dislocated from their jobs due to COVID-19. UpSkill offers 24 online certificate programs through the state’s four technical colleges. Check out our South Dakota UpSkill Overview to learn more.

Participants must be authorized to work in the United States, reside in South Dakota, be eligible for Reemployment Assistance, and meet the eligibility identified in the COVID-19 Dislocated Worker Grant Policy 5.41 or the Dislocated Worker section of Eligibility and Priority of Service Policy 4.1.

Before you can complete intake and orientation with DLR, you must have received notification of acceptance. Start by selecting the technical college or career cluster at to see available certificates. Contact the appropriate technical college to apply. Those accepted will receive instructions to begin the intake and orientation process below.

Intake and Orientation

Whether you are changing careers or expanding your skillset, the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR) is here to help. Before we can help you reach your goals, read through and complete the tasks on this page. Please allow one to two hours to complete the following:

Video: Starting your Journey with DLR Employment Services: What you Need to Know


Start by watching this short video.

  • If you need help along the way, please contact us. Someone will reach out to assist you within three business days.

Forms and documentation to complete

Find your I9 Work Authorization documentation. DLR needs to verify applicants are eligible to work in the United States.


  1. Complete this form packet.

    Summaries of each form are also included. Please review the summaries of each form to answer any basic questions you have about each form. When you click “Submit” a copy will be emailed to you and submitted to DLR.

  2. You will need an SDWORKS account to participate in the UpSkill tuition assistance program.
    • If you already have an account and know your user name and password, you can skip this step.
    • If you have an account but can’t remember the user name or password, contact us.
    • If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one at Select "Not Registered Yet" and follow the prompts. The information you enter into SDWORKS will be used during the registration process so please enter the information as thoroughly as possible.
  3. You will need a free Microsoft account to complete enrollment and participate in virtual case management meetings. If you don’t already have a Microsoft account you can create one. You may already have an account if you utilize an Outlook email address, use Skype, Xbox, etc.
  4. Download and install Microsoft Teams onto your PC or Mac. To download to your tablet or smart phone, search Microsoft Teams in your device’s app store.
    • When asked How do you want to use Teams, select For work and organizations. Click next.
      How do you want to use teams screenshot
    • Enter your first and last name, then enter UpSkill under Company Name
      Microstoft Teams final details
  5. A DLR representative will reach out to you within three business days with instructions on scheduling a meeting via Microsoft Teams. Please make sure you have completed all of the steps above.

For more information on the program, please see the South Dakota Board of Technical Education's SD UpSkill website.

SD Upskill