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SD UpSkill Orientation

Once you’ve applied for a certificate program and been accepted into a technical college, a DLR representative will contact you about the orientation process on this page. If you haven’t applied to your certificate program yet, please start by applying to one of the technical colleges.

Before You Get Started

If a DLR representative has reached out to you, it’s time to start the orientation process so you can access services, training and more. The process can take 1 to 2 hours, and you will need a few documents before you start:

  • I9 work authorization: U.S. passport, resident card or alien registration receipt card, foreign passport with temporary I-551 stamp or employment authorization document with photo.
  • If you don’t have one of these I9 documents, you will need to provide other documents outlined in your form packet.

If you have questions along the way, watch our orientation video (read transcript) or contact us.


Step 1: Complete a Form Packet

Fill out each page. This is where you’ll need I9 documentation or other forms of ID stating you can work in the U.S. When you’re finished, hit “submit.” If you need a parent/guardian signature due to your age, we can work with you to get it after you submit your packet.

Complete Form Packet – English
Complete Form Packet – Español

Step 2: Create an SDWORKS Account

Creating an SDWORKS account will help you access tools, trainings and case management. If you already have an account, you can log in or retrieve your username/password on the same page.

Create SDWORKS Account

Step 3: Create a Microsoft Account

You’ll also need a free Microsoft account to access virtual meetings. You can create one or use an existing account.

Create Microsoft Account

Step 4: Download Microsoft Teams

Once you create your Microsoft account, next you’ll download Microsoft Teams for free, which is how you’ll attend virtual meetings.

Download Teams

How do you want to use teams screenshot

When asked How do you want to use Teams, select For work and organizations. Click next.

Microsoft Teams final details Enter your first and last name, then enter UpSkill under Company Name.

Step 5: Now it’s our Turn

After completing these steps, a DLR representative will reach out to schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting to talk through everything.

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