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Workforce Services for Individuals

Job Seekers with Disabilities


Disability Resources

The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation is committed to providing quality services to assist individuals with disabilities find employment. We also serve as a resource for businesses as they benefit from the talents these individuals offer through employment.

Creating an environment in the workplace to encourage disability disclosure

Disclosing a disability is a difficult decision for job seekers and employees, but it is a personal decision. The Disability Disclosure video highlights South Dakotans and their decision to disclose their disability to a post-secondary institution or employer.

Businesses can help create an environment encouraging disclosure among employees. The benefits of this include open dialogue in order for a business to provide accommodations to allow a valuable employee work to his or her potential. Reviewing the Disability Etiquette Best Practices is a great start to your awareness. The ADA and the Workplace video showcases employers in South Dakota and ways they have helped create a disclosure-friendly environment,

Workplace Accommodations

Despite myths, accommodations for employees typically cost nothing. For those that do have a cost, they are generally less than $500. Accommodations should not focus on the person's disability, rather what is needed for this person to perform the essential tasks of the job. Accommodations can range from an adjusted work schedule or screen reader to a phone headset or ergonomic workstation. Employers who have implemented an accommodation have reported increased retention and productivity among those employees. You can learn more about accommodations at the following sites:

  • Visit the Job Accommodation Network to receive individual consultation regarding job accommodations.
  • Universal Design (UD) is a strategy for making products, environments, operational systems and services welcoming and usable to the most diverse range of people possible.
  • If you have an employee who needs an assistive technology accommodation, DakotaLink serves the entire state of South Dakota with assistive technology needs.

Tax Credits

Find out through the Internal Revenue Service about tax benefits for businesses who have employees with disabilities.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • is the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division's website. It provides Information and Technical Assistance regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • The ADA National Network provides information, guidance and training on the ADA that is tailored to meet business needs. This is a supportive resource and not an enforcement agency.
  • The ADA Business Connection provides ADA compliance resources for businesses.

National Resources

  • The U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy develops and influences disability employment-related policies and practices affecting an increase in the employment of people with disabilities.
  • Disability and Employment Community of Practice Employer Resource Library is an online learning destination for the business sector, which provides services and programs to people with disabilities and/or other challenges to employment.
  • Employer Assistance & Resource Network (EARN) provides free technical assistance, consultation and training for employers on all aspects of the employment of persons with disabilities.
  • U.S. Small Business Administration provides a summary of resources encouraging the recruitment of hiring of people with disabilities for employers.
  • U.S. Department of Labor elaws is a website designed to help employers determine which nondiscrimination laws apply to their business or organization.
  • 30-Second Trainings are designed to educate businesses about proven strategies and easy-to-use resources that can assist in retaining existing employees who experience onset of a disability. These tools also provide valuable information to business including strategies and resources that can assist in effectively accommodating all employees in achieving their maximum potential and productivity level.

Resources in South Dakota

  • The South Dakota Division of Rehabilitation Services can help individuals with disabilities to obtain or maintain employment, economic self-sufficiency, personal independence and full inclusion into society.
  • The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation has information on labor and employment laws.
  • Workforce Diversity Network of the Black Hills (WDNBH) is a team of business and human resource individuals to serve as a link between employers and individuals with disabilities who have the desire and qualifications to work. Members of WDNBH recognize that a healthy workforce is diversified and inclusive of persons with disabilities.
  • The Business Resource Network in Sioux Falls provides businesses with education, awareness and resources to promote the successful employment of persons with disabilities.
  • DakotaLink serves the entire state of South Dakota with assistive technology needs.

ADA Videos

View the What you Need to Know about the ADA video on YouTube to learn about protections under the ADA and expectations for communication regarding a disability, as well as etiquette tips when working with or providing services to those who have a disability.

What You Need to Know about the ADA video for Employees