Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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Digital Opportunity

What is Digital Opportunity?

Digital opportunity refers to taking action to ensure all individuals and communities can access and use information and communication technologies, which DLR recognizes as vital to education, jobs, and essential services.

Digital opportunity:

  • Provides affordable and reliable internet access.
  • Ensures individuals have suitable devices.
  • Offers digital skills training.
  • Supplies reliable technical support.
  • Creates and shares useful content online.

Affordable Connectivity Program

Learn how the Affordable Connectivity Program helps low-income families afford the cost of having internet service.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is no longer accepting applications. Consumers enrolled in the ACP will continue to receive their benefit until the program ends. View more details on the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program page.

Digital Opportunity State Plan

Thank you for submitting public comments on South Dakota's Digital Opportunity Plan. The public comment period closed Oct. 31, 2023. The draft of this plan will remain up on the Governor's Office of Economic Development's ConnectSD webpage until a finalized document is completed and submitted to National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

A final copy of the plan will be made available in 2024.