May 2016

State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES)

Do you respond to a large volume of Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims? Maybe operate in multiple states all with different forms to complete and return? Want to automate the response process? Use the E-Response!

SIDES E-Response is a fast, secure and standardized way to automate responses to Notices of UI claims. Once an employer signs on to SIDES E-Response, the UI Division will deliver all notices to your email address. Saves time and money and secures your data.

Sign-up for SIDES E-Response, or call 605.626.2312.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Poster

The US DOL revised the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) poster in April 2016.  All covered employers are required to display the FMLA poster, which summarizes the major provisions of the FMLA and explains the complaint process.  The FMLA poster was revised to be more reader friendly.  At this time, the February 2013 version may still be used to fulfill the posting requirement.  The US DOL has also released an Employer Guide for the purpose of assisting employers by providing pertinent information about the FMLA, employer obligations and the options available to employers when administering the FMLA. Download the FMLA Employer Guide.

Summer Youth Employment

South Dakota has complex laws about youth employment. Learn more about youth employment.

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