Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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Reemployment Assistance

Unemployment Claims: Tips for Businesses

  • A temporary layoff related to COVID-19 may result in eligibility for unemployment benefits. View possible eligibility scenarios.
  • We are now accepting bulk unemployment claims related to COVID-19 from any employer laying off over 50 workers. The employer can file on behalf of the individuals. This means individuals do not file an initial claim, but must complete the weekly request for payment. To get started, view our Employer Bulk Claims page
  • Workers who have been placed on a temporary layoff related to COVID-19 but refuse to return to work when recalled by their employer will lose unemployment benefits, except for certain circumstances. See guidance.
  • Employers who have furloughed employees and will be recalling them: please provide recall dates for your employees if you have not already done so by completing the Employee Recall Date form or calling 605.626.2452. 
  • Questions should be emailed to to receive a direct and timely response. Please leave the phone lines open for claimants if possible.
  • Sign up for the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) e-Response. This is a secure, electronic, standardized format that will supply claim information by email rather than by mail and will help things move forward more efficiently.

See our COVID-19 and Reemployment Assistance (Unemployment Insurance) Guidance for Businesses.

In this Unemployment Insurance and COVID-19 webinar, Secretary Marcia Hultman presented information for employers regarding Unemployment Insurance/Reemployment Assistance and COVID-19.

Business Webinar - UI and COVID-19